Grantland on Cena/Punk

have you seen the new masked man article on grantland? wanted to get your take on his opinion:

I mainly want to address his last point, which is about Hulk Hogan dominating everything in the 80s while the IC champion had the leftover scraps.  Hulk Hogan was WWF champion for that entire period, because he was the focus of the promotion and thus the CHAMPION.  If they're gonna have Cena be the new Hulk Hogan, then they should put the title on him and let Punk and Bryan fight for the worthless Smackdown title instead because no one gives a shit about it anyway.  Having the #1 belt on a guy who is clearly the #2 guy does no favors for the guy or the belt.  Either they need to get Punk away from Cena and have him be the undisputed TIPPY TOP GUY on Smackdown, or they need to stop pretending that the WWE title is the most important thing when clearly the John Cena Championship is the most prestigious belt in the company.  
A very interesting article otherwise and a good read as usual.