GI Joe pushed back to March 2013 – Good news for WM?

Call this one a win for the WWE since now they can just hop onboard Paramount's advertising bandwagon to further push the Rock's WM appearance.

Just over a month before its original premiere date of June 29, Paramount Pictures has pushed G.I. Joe: Retaliation to March 29, 2013, in order to convert the film into 3-D.

Yeah, although generally when a movie has trailers all over for a summer release and then suddenly gets pushed back to the next year, there's more than a 3D conversion going on.  It's not like it would be difficult to top the quality of the first one, so this doesn't bode well for the film.  That being said, definitely great timing to have Rock in the main event of Wrestlemania again.  Maybe John Cena can play The Marine and they can have a HOLLYWOOD SHOWDOWN where they do battle in character.  They'll make MILLIONS!