The John Cena Show

JR recently told a bunch of disillusioned fans that the titles don't mean anything. This was nothing people who regularly pay attention to WWE did not know already, but it had me wondering just what, exactly, is supposed to be the thing (or things) we root for? I know the company has tried to distance itself from the rassling reputation and they want it to be seen as a loose collection of soap opera, comedy and competition elements, but wouldn't you agree that this kind of format lends itself to horrible, disjointed television? None of the regulars outside of John Cena ever have a distinct purpose. They just randomly float in and out of segments, have unmemorable feuds then move on to the next random guy. Nothing of consequence ever happens so it's no different than "Saved by the Bell" without the campy and unintentional humor.
Maybe I'm over thinking it and maybe I'm wrong, too, but since I started watching regularly again last summer, it just feels like there's no focus and nothing for people to get behind. Well, except for John Cena.

I was having that exact same internal monologue the other day, my friend.  Like, let's say you're a fan of Randy Orton.  What did he get out of his feud with Kane aside from a few wins and a few losses?  Nothing, he just moves onto a thrown-together World title match and then BAM, gets attacked by Jericho because it's their time to be programmed together.  Or why would I want to get behind Brodus Clay at this point, when it's been, what, 4 months now and he's still doing the exact same match and going nowhere with it?  It used to be that fans would jump on that kind of bandwagon early and get rewarded for it ala Rikishi, but now the guy's literally become something to fill time in between segments on PPV.  Why should I care if the tag champs are Kofi/Bourne, Kofi/Truth, Truth/Miz, Miz/Morrison, or Swagger/Ziggler?  They're all the same person mixed up in the midcard interchangeably at this point anyway.
It's a bad, bad time to be a fan in a lot of ways.