Tag Teams.

Well we're going to have to fill up three hours somehow. Who from the current roster, would you like to see built into a Tag Team. Dolph and Swagger already are primed for it, though I think it'd be more fun to put Zack Ryder into Swagger's role, as Dolph and Zack seem to get along fairly well. Cody could desperately use some time off the singles roster. Perhaps he and the Miz? I'd be interested to hear everyone else's thoughts.

OK, that's a fun game.
Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre was actually a perfectly good team, as was Cody & Dibiase, and I don't really know why they broke either one up so abruptly.  I think Miz & Zack Ryder would be a perfect odd couple team.  Zack would also work well as the Ricky Morton portion of a David & Goliath team, like if you had him get beat up for 10 minutes and make the hot tag to Mason Ryan, that might work.  Really, you can mix and match almost anyone in that Miz/Ryder/Swagger/Ziggler/McIntyre/Cody/Kofi midcard morass and come up with a darn good tag team.  I really don't see why they DON'T, in fact.  You can put together 5 or 6 good combinations and have something for the guys to do for MONTHS.  Do a tag team King of the Ring tournament!  People LOVE tournaments!  And you can burn up valuable airtime!