Jones Hooked On Booze, Chyna On Who Knows What… Amazingly, two pieces of stupidity this morning, as Chyna is found passed out the SAME PORN CONVENTION…AGAIN.  To paraphrase Boogie Nights, you think this might mean she should get some better s---?  But really, when you pass out at a porn convention twice, there’s obviously a more innocent and career-friendly explanation that we just haven’t heard yet, so we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.  And then… Turns out that Rashad was right and Jon Jones and his Bible thumping might have just been a put-on after all.  Rough week for Dana White, although this picture kind of sums it up: I’m pretty sure Jones wasn’t doing Bud Lights at 4:00 AM when he wrapped his $250,000 Bentley around a pole, though.