PWI Plug

Was wondering if you could plug our podcast this week – I managed to
land an interview with the editor of PWI magazine on the PWI 500.  I
don't know how many of these he's done so far but a lot of ground was
covered in this one which went an hour and a half —

This week on the Nose Bleed Seats Podcast we feature a rare national
guest, the editor in chief of Pro Wrestling Illustrated Frank Krewda.
We discuss the PWI 500, its history, requirements, misconceptions,
possible #1 candidates, the infamous $50 bribe question, but also look
at how social media has influenced the business, who past the big
three promotions are #4-#10 in the country and much much more. Hosted
by the Mad Conservative and MOAV5706. Listen online or download to
your MP3 player or PC!
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Sounds interesting!