HBO’s Oz

I remember a loooooooooooong time ago you reviewed a couple seasons of Oz on DVD and though I had never seen the show, I always had the show in the back of my mind based off these reviews.  I finally got around to it on Netflix and have been blasting my way through all the seasons.  I'm currently up to Season 4, but I was wondering if you ever got around to reviewing the rest of it.  I find it very much like 24 in that it keeps you thoroughly entertained with all the twists, turns, and deaths, but if you start thinking about it your head will hurt.

Damn you United Statesians with your awesome Netflix streaming.  The Canadian service is totally worth $8/month still, but there's way better stuff available down there.  Still, thanks to Netflix I'm just wrapping up the second season of Buffy and WHY DIDN'T I WATCH THIS SHOW BEFORE?!?  Although any spoilers for the finale of season 2 or beyond will be met with stern anger from me because I have no idea what's upcoming and I'm loving it.  
Anyway, I only ever did the first two seasons of Oz, although (and I think I mentioned this recently) but just last year my wife was really into prison reality shows so I suggested watching Oz and we also blasted through the entire series in a couple of weeks.  Which was great because I hadn't watched it since the original airdates and I had forgotten all the crazy twists aside from some vague memories (like Robeson's education on the new definition of "spooning" and who killed who and where), so it was like a whole new show again.  Plus, and I've also mentioned this before, there's a MILLION storylines that could easily be adapted for wrestling, because Oz is as close to the pure form of male soap opera as our-so-called-sport is.