Network Show Idea?

Hi Scott,

I'm pretty sure this idea has already been thrown around and I'd like to get your thoughts on it.  What about a Mystery science theater 3000 type show for the network?  Either using past PPV's/Shows(Thunder/Superstars etc…) or WWE movies.  I know it would be a stretch that McMahon would allow people to take shots at his movies, but what about WCW or AWA since they have all that footage they can be able to put it to good use.  Then again, he'd have to hire three people to run comic commentary instead of just running old footage as is.  Thoughts? Would you watch?

I do watch.  It's called "Are You Serious" and it's on their YouTube channel, hosted by Josh Matthews and Road Dogg and a puppet version of HHH, and they're doing exactly what you're describing. I even follow Puppet HHH on my Twitter, he's hilarious.  Given that the YouTube thing is a mostly a dry run for the network, I don't think it's a stretch in the least to think that they'd do a similar show for the actual TV channel once it gets started.