Midget mania

Had an idea I wanted to run by you and your bloggies. Three words: midget ladder match.
Don't think it's ever been done, but picture this – two midgets fighting for a new midget world championship, with the belt suspended six feet above the ring, and a three step ladder at their disposal. They could parody all the common spots; the midgets could step up to the first or second step and swat at the belt for a while instead of climbing up high enough to grab it. They could pull out the standby stepladder and set it up next to the other one for some more complex stuff. And the idea doesn't have to end there. When the Royal Rumble comes around, we could have a mini midget battle royal. Now you're probably wondering how that's possible. Well, the midgets could have their own special ring off to the side which is only half as high as a regular ring and has only two ropes. And the winner of the midget battle royal would get a title shot against the midget champion. Meanwhile, the next Wrestlemania would launch the new Midget Money in the Bank match, featuring ten midgets and the aforementioned three step ladder (which could also be a hot merchandise item). We could even have storylines where some of the shorter wrestlers, or maybe even Triple H, try to enter these matches and create controversy. After Triple H wins the midget championship, he'd assert to us that he's truly a midget, just a taller one, but the other wrestlers would argue that he's not. The WWE would then put a poll up at WWE.com and the fans would vote whether he's really a midget or should have to forfeit the midget title. Would also be cool if they created a midget Undertaker and started a streak for him.

My inbox, ladies and gentlemen.