Border Wars Live Thread & Predictions

As per request. Think we can beat the four comments for the Smackdown live thread last night? I bet we can.

Anyhow, the iPPV starts at 7 EST, so head on over to and float them a few bucks. Cmon, you can spare $9.99 for some wrestling, ya cheap bastards. Here’s some predictions:

 Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards: I’m actually kind of torn on this one. They introduced the “This is Steen’s only chance” element, and I’m thinking they don’t want to make it look like Steen’s a choker ala Lex Luger. On the other hand, I assume they want this storyline to stretch out at least as far as Final Battle in December. Unless of course they learned their lesson from last years never-ending, never-changing Richards/Edwards feud, and they don’t want to slow their storyline plans down too much. In that case, Steen wins and begins his hostile takeover of ROH.

Fit Finlay vs. Roderick Strong: Strong’s the TV champ so unless he’s dropping the title to Finlay in his first ROH match, I’m thinking Finlay gives Roddy the rub and Roddy goes over here. I also think this is going to be a style clash.

Briscoes vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team: Unless this feud is blown off completely I’d say WGTT takes the belts back. In fact, even if they do blow it off here, I’d still say WGTT should take it and move on to All Night Express for a feud, while the Briscoes can take on the Young Bucks or the House of Truth, or maybe even Steen & Jacobs for a while.

Lance Storm vs. Mike Bennett: Bennett gets the win again, still doesn’t give Storm respect, and then makes out with Maria for a really long time.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino: From the looks of things, Rhino’s going to be appearing more regularly in ROH so I think he might actually get the win here to put him in title contention. Since Steen is likely to be the biggest babyface in the company coming out of this show, I could see him taking on Rhino just as well as Edwards.

Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole: Coming off his 5-star match with Davey, Elgin wins quickly.

Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa: This one’s gonna keep going and Roderick is going to end up involved and I am positive we’ll see a 3 way in the future, so Ciampa wins.

Well, enjoy folks. Sneak out from under the ring and use multiple low blows.