4 Movie Plots That Came True

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“hey caliber. i didnt want to bother scott with this question and thought itd be more suited for your posts. i was reading recently that james cameron is in talks with arnold to do t5. i think its a huge mistake because the 4th and the 3rd one sucked. id like to know what you think as well as the other guys on the blog”
Honestly, I like the idea. I have no idea what they’d do at this point, but, c’mon. Cameron & Schwarzenegger, what more could you ask for? I loved T3. I think it’s the best of the series. You have incredible action, well done humor, and the T-800 has been dialed in to perfection. Terminator Salvation wasn’t perfect by any means, but I enjoyed it for what it was, and don’t regret buying the DVD. Now, as for T5, I guess they’d still work with things after Judgment Day. How they’d explain the T-800 looking as old as he does now, is beyond me. Perhaps they could say that he was a model designed to look old, or something, I don’t know. Cameron doesn’t make mistakes it seems, so I don’t think he’d step into this half-assed. How say you guys?
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4 Movie Plots That Came True
Sometimes movies are based on real events.
This time around, we’re gonna have a look at movies that were originally fiction, but then became based on real stories.
So, if you’re ready to get crunk, let’s turn the volume dial to 7, baby. Spoilers are ahead, so don’t be a bitch about it.
 September 23rd, 1994
Star[s]: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman
The Film:
I’m sure everyone knows the film. Originally a tale by Stephen King, the
movie is about the events that go on in a Maine prison over the course
of 20 years, as a group of friends deal with a crooked warden & and a
borderline psychotic whom is basically The Big Bossman.
Tim Robbins plays Andy, a man who’s been
framed for the murder of his wife, and is now the Warden’s book-keeper.
Being such, he’s become prevey to all the Warden’s illegal activity with
the state’s money. As such, he’s basically f’ed, and will never see
outside of the prison walls because of what he knows. So, over the
course of 20 years, Andy has been digging through the wall in his cell,
and carefully plotting his escape. One morning, they go to check Andy’s
cell, and he’s gone, as they realize that the posters he’s had of the
“it” girls over time, have instead just been a cover-up for his awesome
The Real Shawshank:
On December 15, 2007, Otis Blunt and Jose Espinosa were not in their
cells, as once promised. After some investigating, they found escape
tunnels that were covered up with posters of chicks. They were able to
dig their way out with the use of two different tools; a thick metal
wire they used to scrape away the motor between cinder-blocks, and a
10lb steel water-shut off wheel that they used to crush the
cinder-blocks with. Once they got outside, they ran in opposite
Alas, a little more than 4 weeks later
Jose was discovered in a cheap motel in Mexico. While Otis Blunt was
found in a basement, a cool mile from the jail. What the f. Not
exactly the awesome ending we saw in Shawshank.
February 19th, 1999
Star[s]: Jennifer Aniston
The Film:
I saw Office Space 3 times in the theater. I loved it from the get go,
however, the public wasn’t sharing the same affection that I had. Hell,
one of my friend’s who’s a big fan of Office Space, hated it when we
went to see it. It’s just one of those films that you love right from
the start, and it gets better with each time, or you hate it, but it
grows on you each time.
The story is about a man named Peter who
lives a pathetic life, pathetic in that he hates everything about it,
yet he keeps doing it. After getting hypnotized, he basically turns into
me. He does what he wants, when he wants, so long as he doesn’t hurt or
bother anyone else, and things end up kick ass for him. He gets a bit
ballsy, and tries to scam Initech with a computer virus, an idea he got
from Superman 3.
Well, as it happens, Peter and his
friend’s mess up, and end up taking a lot more money much faster than
they intended. Well, a fellow named Micheal Largent must have always
fallen asleep before the pivotal lesson is learned.
The Real Office Space:
Here’s the quote I got from a news site:
“Largent used a massive fraud scheme
to trick Google Checkout and online brokers like E-trade and Schwab to
send him the sum, a few cents at a time.  The fraud was made possible by
a common practice relatively unknown to the general public.  When users
open up accounts with these sites, the site sends a tiny payment from a
few cents to a few dollars to the user.  The payment is meant to verify
that the user has access to the account and that it’s active.

By opening 58,000 such accounts, Largent funneled money through
the channels into a few private bank accounts.  Largent raked in $8,000
from Google’s Checkout alone.”

Man, what a brilliant bastard. He said
what he was doing wasn’t illegal, and technically it wasn’t, except for
he used fake names [mostly cartoon characters], fake addresses as well
as fake socials.
The bank noticed all this activity and
gave him a call, since he was feeling like the man, and thinking he was
getting away with it, he told them all about it. The bank of course,
being a bunch of pussies who were pissed they weren’t scamming awesome
ideas from movies, turned the guy in.
 July 15th, 1989
Star[s]: Andrew McCarthy, guy who played the Dr who got the saw blade to the gut in Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood.
The Film:
You know, I would have loved to be in the room the day this plot was
pitched. I mean, people had to literally pitch an idea about two guys
who tote around their dead-boss for a weekend. That’s the stuff dreams
are made out of, man.
Basically, two dudes uncover a major
insurance scam, and report this to their boss, Bernie Lomax. Well,
Bernie is behind it, and arranges to have the two killed. So, he invites
them out to his beach house for the weekend, as a way to celebrate them
uncovering the scam. Bernie is instead double crossed and killed. The
hitman injects him with heroin, to make it look like an overdose. Well,
the two guys arrive to find Bernie, and instead of calling the police,
like a couple of idiots would, they instead make it seem like Bernie is
alive so they can use his beach house and get chicks!
Again, the greatest plot ever.
The Real Weekend At Bernie’s:
Two guys, David Daloia and James O’Hare, were probably wanting a few
bucks so they could buy something bad-ass, like Funyons, beef jerky, or
wrestling DVDs.
So, what do you do? Do you get a job, like
a sucker? Hell no! You get your friend, who’s got a fat Social Security
check of $355, wheel him down in an office chair to the Pay-O-Matic,
and have him cash it! Look, it doesn’t matter if the guy is dead
or not. Is there a law that says someone has to be alive to cash a
check? None that I’ve seen. My bank has never said that. You know, I
hate things like that. It’s like women, you know? You do something
bad-ass, where you work around the rule/law, and then they go and bitch
and moan, and say you can’t do that because blahblahblah.
What a couple bad-asses. They were
arrested for this, but eventually let go, because they couldn’t figure
out when in fact the guy died.
I hope they got to keep the $355. Awesome.
 March 17th, 2000
Star[s]: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Sean William Scott
The Film:
Horror movies every few years will always have one awesome idea that
gets milked to death, then the next great idea comes along. It’s like
clock work, damn near.
Right as the fantastic Scream trilogy was
winding down, we got Final Destination. One fantastic film
that’s basically a slasher with an invisible enemy. It’s such a
brilliant and fresh idea. Having the vision, cheating death, and then
having death come back after you is just so creative.
When Death finally started to play
catch-up, it wasn’t like people were dying of heart-attacks or anything. We got an incredible array of deaths, and you were sitting, waiting to
see just how grisly the next death was going to be, and just knowing that there’s going to be a death involving a catheter. The bus death is
still one of the greatest in horror history. It may not be elaborate, or
creative, but it literally came out of no where, with absolutely no
warning, and it was awesome before being ripped off a thousand times over. I saw this in the theater, and that would have made me jump, if my body was capable of fear.
The Real Final Destination:
Johanna Ganthaler, a retiree from the Bolzano-Bozen province, was
scheduled to take flight 447 to Paris with Air France Airlines. It never
ended up making it’s destination, because it crashed into the Atlantic
Ocean. When the black box was recovered, pieces of the pilot’s
conversation were released, with one pilot, David Robert saying, “Damn
it! We’re going to crash. It can’t be true!”.
Man, that would suck so bad to know you’re going to die. I’d at least whip my dick out and run to the back of the plane.
Anyways, the women escape the clutches of death by missing her flight. But it didn’t last for long.
While driving with her husband on an
Austrian road, their car swerved and hit a truck head-on. The husband
was badly hurt, but survived, the woman wasn’t so lucky.
I mean, wow, she was meant to die. There’s
just no way of getting around it. The husband, I’m sure is devastated,
but he has to kind of chuckle about it. Now, every time he meets someone
he hasn’t seen in a while it’s like;
“oh…the wife passed? I’m so sorry”
“Thank you”
“Wait…she missed the flight that crashed, then died in a car accident just a little bit later?”
“…did she get drunk and then sexually aggressive towards God’s wife at an office party or something?”
I’m sure in a few years people I’ll be
able to update this article, because the plot of Predator, or The
Wizard is bound to happen to me here in a little while.
It just has to.