Blog Questions

Hey Scott,
Two questions that I'm hoping can be addressed in your blog.
1) For Floyd Mayweather's entrance last night, three members of his audience carried all of his belts.  These three were none other than 50 Cent, Justin Beiber, and Triple H.  Has there ever been a goofier posse?
2)  Boxing and UFC hold belts for lower weight classes in pretty high regard.  In boxing, smaller guys outdraw the heavyweights.  Why do you think the WWE has never thought to follow this example?

1)  Cyndi Lauper and Captain Lou were certainly among the stranger ones in the grand scheme of things.  I can't think of any other specifically goofy ones, though.  Kind of funny that Mayweather would associate HHH as being on the same level as the other two, though.

2)  I don't think it's a matter of smaller guys being the bigger draw so much as it is boxing having nothing to draw in the heavyweights.  The glory days of Tyson and Holyfield still hold the PPV records today, but now the titles are dominated by the incredibly boring Klitschko brothers who of course would never fight to unify their titles.  So as I understand it, the boxing world kind of gravitated to the people with personality, who happened to be the smaller guys.  Boxing is kind of weird now, because there's no recognizable "brand" like UFC or WWE, and all the titles are meaningless.  Hell, Mayweather has, what, 8 World titles now?  So it's all just kind of a no-mans-land of whoever is the biggest individual draw on their own.  Anyway, WWE has never followed that example because Vince seemingly got shoved in a garbage can by a big bully at a young age and he's been overcompensating ever since.