Bischoff/Hogan vs. Steiner

Hey Scott, I hope all is well.
I wanted to get your two cents on the most entertaining rivalry in wrestling today (although only on Twitter), Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan vs. Scott Steiner.  I’ve been following this for a few weeks on Twitter/through the wrestling websites.  My assessment thus far (and for some insane reason), Steiner actually appears to be making more valid points in regard to the current state of TNA’s product than Bischoff/Hogan (which could only mean that the world is truly ending in 2012).  I will say that Bischoff definitely had the best hash tag with #steroidjunkie.  Any opinion on the Bischoff/Hogan vs. Steiner feud? – Steiner list of tweets – Bischoff list of tweets
Zach St. Pierre

Why couldn't Steiner find a way to be that entertaining in WWE?  They should hire him to snark on RAW and Smackdown during the show, it would be epic.