Post-Game Shows

Here in America, pre- and postgame roundtable discussions are very popular during sporting events. "NFL Today" on CBS, "Monday Night Football" on ESPN, "Sunday Night Football" on NBC, "MLB on Fox", "NBA Thursday" on TNT…these various shows feature a bunch of ex-players hyping the day's games and providing analysis. Every major sport in America has this; it's become a necessity for a broadcast. My question: how awesome would this be for WWE? You take the old Saturday morning recap format of something like "Live Wire" but have guys like Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Edge, JR, Stone Cold, etc. breaking down the previous or upcoming events. 
They could do interviews with wrestlers and add to the feud. Maybe JR asks Randy Orton why he decided to randomly attack Kane in the middle of "Raw." Then we're not left with inexplicable run-ins and feuds would actually make sense!
I think it'd really add something to the product and those guys could actually — gasp! — get guys over! Yeah, imagine how much more acceptable Miz would Miz have been if someone like HBK was talking him up? 
I haven't figured out the logistics to something like this and I'm not sure when it would air, but I guarantee it would get eyeballs. Hell, just replace that dumbass "NXT" show. Who wouldn't want to watch a half-hour or hour of guys we love doing analysis???

"Here in America"?  It's not like I live in Kazakhstan or something.  
Anyway, they actually have a pre-game show before RAW up here on the Score, because their broadcasting license prohibits them from showing more than (x) hours of live events per week and they're basically forced to show RAW on a 15-minute tape delay to get around that.  There's also a post-game show after Smackdown called Aftermath, where they break down the show and referee Jimmy Korderas answers questions and gives opinions and stuff.  It's a neat idea, actually, although there doesn't tend to be actual WWE talent involved in the show and it doesn't stray far from kayfabe.  Considering that WWE actually owns a pretty good chunk of the channel you'd think they would send more guys who aren't doing anything.