DVD questions

Hey Scott, a couple of DVD questions;
1) How come when matches that were originally televised and clipped for commercial breaks are included on DVDs, they don't give us the whole match? Is it just the lack of commentary during the break?
2) I know you've said before that WWE's best use of their tape library would be to offer an a la carte service where consumers could essentially create their own DVDs from a menu of matches. I like that idea, but I have one of my own… What do you think of the viability of a "year in review" type offering for a series of 3 or even 4-disc sets? For example, they could pick a year and have a documentary type feature on all the angles and feuds that ran that year, and also include a selection of the best matches. There's so many ways they could go with it too… Interviews with guys who were around at the time, participants in the feuds, etc. Backstage stuff, real insider stuff, the possibilities seem endless to me. Plus it would be a chance to highlight some of the memorable lower card and mid card guys who just don't warrant a DVD set of their own. They could even go really crazy and do promotion specific sets ("wwe 1987", "wcw 1987", etc.) The stuff they purposely exclude for weird political reasons would even give internet nerds a whole set of things to complain about!  What do you think?

1.  That is a darn good question and I don't know either why they don't do the full match.  There was a period when they WERE including the full unclipped matches on the DVDs (I think the D-X DVD had one example of it) and there was commentary as well, but then they stopped again.  Usually, though, the matches don't feature anything exciting during the break, as guys generally stall for a couple of minutes or do a chinlock or whatever, so in some ways it's better to miss it.  However, for us completist nerds, I agree it's frustrating.

2.  Another awesome idea.  Just goes to show that there's an endless well of ideas they could be tapping into with their library, and instead we get stuff like yet another ECW DVD and Best of Falls Count Anywhere Matches.  Seriously.  Oh, and another John Cena DVD in July.