Rock’s Workout Clothes

Hey Scott,
Got a question I was hoping you could help with.  I'm going through Raw week by week from 1999, and I was wondering if you knew why The Rock worked January to Wrestlemania wearing what looks like workout attire, as opposed to his normal trunks.  I don't recall ever seeing this answered anywhere else, and it just looks…weird.

Well, Billy, when wrestlers or bodybuilders take a lot of a substance that we in science call "steroids" or "the juice", one of the side-effects is the development of a medical condition known as "man-boobs" due to the ratio of estrogen and testosterone getting put out of whack.  Plus Rock is half-Samoan, and they're prone to that anyway.  Just look at Rikishi.  So in late 98, Rock had surgery done to correct that problem, and rather than walking around with scars on his pecs like someone who just had a boob job done, he chose to wear the track suit until they healed.