More Brock? More Brock.

What the hell is the WWE thinking with the way they're booking Lesnar now? How did the writers come to the logic that Lesnar being used only to put over their top guys is a good idea? Call me crazy but I think the idea of bringing in Lesnar and pushing him as a monster before someone (Cena/Rock/Taker) takes him down at Wrestlemania is a better idea then bringing in Lesnar and immediately jobbing him out to the same old top guys just to get back at him for leaving the WWE before. That Cena/Brock story that came out is so f------ dumb. I'd be mad too if I was Lesnar. The fact that he lost was stupid since it ruined his character somewhat, but they could have redeemed the loss by having Cena get carted off. I don't understand the direction of the writing barely ever anymore. I mean they had Lord Tensai beat Cena and he's going nowhere. He's not a threat to the main event picture or to guys like Cena. Why should Tensai beat Cena but Lesnar shouldn't? I heard that Cena and Lesnar didn't get along when Lesnar was first in the WWE. And now instead of a sure money-making storyline with Lesnar being unstoppable, they have to protect the ego of grown men who don't know what's good for their business. It's frustrating as a fan, really. There's no reason that Cena should have not only beaten Lesnar and ruin the idea of him being an unbeatable monster, but also cut a f------ baby face promo after the match when he was supposed to do a stretcher job. If Cena changed the plan after the match on his own then that's some petty b-------. I mean other than the ending of the match, Cena vs Brock was put together great. Lesnar was destroying him and Cena was actually drawing cheers from the same fans who had booed him during his entrance simply because the match was structured so well that Cena was getting sympathy for not giving up. But still, Lesnar should have beaten him.
Sorry for the long e-mail. It just sucks getting excited for something out of the norm happening in the WWE, and then the same old s--- happens.

It's the slow part of the week here on the blog, and if WWE booking has taught me anything over the years, it's that you have to push and repush the same people until they get over.  So MORE BROCK.
I have nothing really to add to the e-mail, but I would like to relate an anecdote on the situation.  When I was watching RAW last night, my wife comes in and sees the video package about the PPV.  Now, she basically hates wrestling but tolerates it because I'm such a lovable guy and diapers are less expensive with blog revenues to help.  However, she does watch and enjoy UFC with me, so she knows who Brock Lesnar is without the context of the wrestling needed.  So anyway, she's like "Oh, Brock Lesnar is back in WWE now?" and I told her that yes, and he fought John Cena in his first match back on Sunday, and Cena won.  Now, she has no context on wrestling booking or personal bias or anything like that, and the first question that comes to her mind is "Why did Brock lose his first match?  Wouldn't you want him to win so he looks tough again before he starts losing?"  EVEN MY WRESTLING-HATING WIFE UNDERSTANDS THIS BASIC CONCEPT!  
Carry on with the arguments again.