Chris Jericho

I know we're Brock-obsessed, but how lame is/was Chris Jericho's latest run? Everyone was pretty excited when showed up and did his "rile the crowd up too long & leave" bit. Then he promised to change the world, or whatever. But once he didn't win the Royal Rumble, it's like his heat evaporated. The feud with CM Punk was a relative dud. Their matches were good but the WrestleMania match started out with crickets chirping.
I just thought it was a huge waste of Chris Jericho. The run certainly didn't do CM Punk any favors either. 

It was pretty lame.  The intro videos led to nothing, the Rumble win got aborted, and they started the CM Drunk storyline a week before Wrestlemania, when it would have seemed more logical to have Jericho lose and then do the psych warfare thing to get a rematch.  Instead he torments the babyface, babyface wins clean, and then they have a rematch just because.  Plus they just didn't have the main event chemistry together that people thought they would.  I'd call it a good diversion for Punk and it led to a good brawl at the PPV, but it's nothing we're gonna be remembering years from now, and I was glad to see it done with after Extreme Rules.