More on Cena v. Lesnar

You know what really grinds my gears about the finish to the Brock-Cena match?  I’m watching this near-***** match, and I’m having the exact reaction as a jaded anti-Cena smark that WWE wanted.  Lesnar is kicking the f------ s--- out of Cena and I’m like “Yes!  Kick the f------ s--- out of this poser!” because although I like Cena as a worker I hate him as a character and sometimes it’s fun to mark out like that.  So the match goes on, Cena is taking a vicious beating and bleeding all over, but gets the hope spots and I’m like “OK, Cena is taking a vicious beating but he keeps fighting, that’s pretty awesome of him if he’s losing”.  And by the end, I’m WITH CENA.  I’m sympathetic for him, and I’m ready to give him props and cheer for him once Brock finishes him off because he fought the good fight and lost like a man.  And then he won as I was like “Well, f--- John Cena.” and everything was back to the way it was when we started.  That’s what makes me so angry about the finish.  They could have rehabbed Cena in exactly the way they’ve been desperate to do for years now and they F----- IT UP AGAIN.  Never mind all the super-smarky armchair booking stuff that people will say motivating the anger and blah blah blah, but as a FAN I was going nuts for this thing and that ending just totally deflated me.  I can only imagine what people who aren’t super-hardcore fans but wanted to see Cena beaten would have been thinking.  Great job, WWE.