More Brock!

More Brock?! Of course! That’s all anyone is going to talk about until… oh… his contract runs out. My idea on how to save this is completely out there, and will never happen as long as the WWE is PG. But there is a way to salvage this mess (and it’s not by having Brock just destroy Cena tonight. He still lost, which removes his “mystique”). Tonight, have Triple H come out, and reveal that John Cena has tested positive for PEDs. Have him bring out Cena, who ADMITS to using them, says he was facing a man who was trying to destroy the business he loves, and he could not chance losing to Brock Lesnar. Triple H suspends him indefinitely and the decision from last night is reversed. From there, you have Brock Lesnar tear apart everything put in front of him, until the roster, the fans, and even Johnny Ace are begging for Cena’s reinstatement to “save” the company. After a particularly heinous attack, Triple H reinstates Cena, but only under the provision that he must be drug-tested WEEKLY before his fight with Lesnar. From there, you either go Rocky 3 (Cena falls to Lesnar, but builds himself back up, learns from his mistakes, and sees the holes Brock leaves and exploits them to get the victory), or you go straight to Cena getting the win by sheer force of will, proving that the drugs weren’t needed, that he had it in himself to do it all along, and all he needed to do was believe in himself (and all the Cenamaniacs, brother!). As it stands now, even if Brock decimates Cena tonight, he’s just a chickenshit heel who has to jump someone to get the upper-hand, and chokes when put into big match situations. Cena testing positive gives Brock a reason he can point to why he lost, and puts doubt in the minds of the fans on whether Cena could have done it without the PEDs. Since Cena will be off TV, WWE won’t get any flack for Cena “using”, though Cena might get some minor backlash. That’s easy enough to rectify with the right booking.With all of that said, it’ll never happen. It’s too risky and risque for WWEPG, so I expect the “Hogan gets beaten down, only to come back months later to re-vanquish the beast he already vanquished, but this time ALL THE WAY, BROTHER!” storyline. Which isn’t going to help anybody in the long run.

Although WWE might not be making bank off Brock now, my blog certainly is, so fuck yeah we’re gonna keep talking about him.  Besides, people were just bitching about having a lack of non-Invasion and non-Montreal stuff to talk about, so I’m more than happy to ride this horse into the ground. The PED thing is certainly a storyline that would hit close to home, and actually would probably hit TOO close to home considering the embarrassment that the Benoit thing was for them, and the jittery sponsors they’ve got.  Man, it would sure be gutsy though, and definitely it would allow Vince to shove it in UFC’s face.  The question I would ask, however, is that since Vince doesn’t listen to Wrestling Observer Live (aka “What Alistair Overeem Had For Breakfast Today In Detail: The Musical”), would he be hip enough to craft a storyline around the troubles that Dana White is having at the moment?  Although really, Rocky IV did the storyline already, so it’s fair game from that standpoint.  I really like it, though.