WWE’s direction

Hey Scott, long-time reader, but this is my first time asking a question.
I see that many people are complaining about the WWE's PG-oriented
product lately, but here's what I think about it:
The WWE, being the world's biggest promotion, with no competition that
can give it a run for its money, like WCW back in the 90's, is at a
position where they only have to maintain their position. My guess is
that they're playing it safe with their content now. To avoid burning
the fans out with the Attitude-style product that they were putting
then, and also risking potential backlash with a storyline taken too
far, like ECW's crucifixion incident, they're trying to give the fans
something not as edgy as before. Of course, it would help Linda
McMahon if she runs for public office again.

You are absolutely correct.  Unless they lose TV, which could still happen, they have enough money and reserves to coast forever, basically.  So they're not going to risk anything that could cost them that sweet toy business cheddar.  I've said, and many others on the blog have as well, that the reasoning is totally understandable.  It's just a bummer when there's no blood in a match that would otherwise call for it.  I don't think anyone is calling for them to return to Russo-esque Mature-rated programming, since a good storyline is the same in PG or M ratings.