New Topics!

Time for some non-Montreal, non-Invasion topics!

Looooooooooong time reader and erratic contributor to the comments section who’s been a watcher (intermittently, at best, now) since around 1985 (I have distinct memories of Lex Luger as Florida and Southern Champion).  I don’t think I’ve ever actually written before, but am bored at work and figured I’d give you a shout.  A few random questions:
1. Tom Zenk.  All the measurables were there for Zenk to be a big star (Minnesota pedigree/Japanese experience/great body/high flying skills), yet he really never broke through as a top player.  His best chance seemed to be his WCW tenure (when, admittedly, they couldn’t find their ass from doorknob), but it never came together.  What gives?
2. Greg Valentine.  I always considered Valentine to be the great “lost” Horseman.  His history with Flair, tag team experience and old-school mentality made him an ideal fit, particularly when he was in WCW in 92; instead, they stuck him in a team with Terry Taylor (admittedly a great worker before his car accident).  When Flair came back in 93, wouldn’t Valentine have been a better choice than Paul Roma?  Anderson and Valentine (even at 41) as a tag team?  Yes, please.
3. Brad Armstrong.  Quickie on this one – the best all-around worker that never became a star?  The only comparison that I can think of is Bobby Eaton, but he had world title runs with the tag belts; other than the BS WCW light heavyweight title and an iteration of the six man belts (as Badstreet), he never really got through.  Any reason why not?

1.  Zenk never really had a chance to show the kind of charisma he demonstrated on the Observer radio shows, probably because he was mostly stereotyped into the “pretty boy” role and didn’t have much opportunity to break free from it.  Plus he never seemed to have much passion for the business in general.  2.  That is a very interesting idea.  Valentine would have fit with the Horsemen really well, actually, although by that point in WCW he had nothing left in the way of credibility anyway.  But I’m intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. 3.  Brad just never had the charisma to be a top guy, as was demonstrated every time they tried to give him a “character” to play, like Buzzkill.  I always enjoyed his work, but he was never a guy who I would have paid money to see or anything.