NXT – April 25, 2012

Date: April 25, 2012
Location: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Commentators: Matt Striker, Hornswoggle, Johnny Curtis, Michael McGillicutty

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We have an actual changed show this week as we’ve got a bunch of
people gone from the show after the great NXT purge last week. I’m not
sure what to expect this week but it should be interesting to see who
they bring in to replace the guys that have left. Either way it’s a good
thing to get some fresh blood in here. Let’s get to it.

Striker is in the ring and says that Josh isn’t able to do commentary
tonight because of the beating that Lesnar gave him on Monday. He
recaps the firings and hirings of Young/O’Neil, which gets limited
responses. That means there are some roster spots open and Regal is
going to bring in some new talent. He’s out looking for that talent at
the moment, so tonight Horny is the match coordinator. Oh good grief.

He says there are no more redemption points or challenges (duh) and
brags about how he can talk. Hasn’t he been able to do that for the last
six months or so? Tonight it’s Watson/Kidd vs. Curtis/McGillicutty.
First of all though, he calls out Derrick Bateman. Wasn’t that his
rookie like 6 months ago? Bateman says something to Horny from the aisle
but JTG jumps him. Oh great he’s back. He complains about being off the
show and that he has to beg Horny for a match. Bateman jumps him so
here we go.

JTG vs. Derrick Bateman

Bateman immediately dropkicks him down and takes over. Clothesline
takes JTG down as Horny says Bateman will be on Raw or Smackdown very
soon. Out to the floor but Bateman misses a missile dropkick from the
apron. JTG takes over back in the ring and hooks a chinlock. The video
messes up now but the audio is still good.

JTG gets two off something as Horny is talking about Brodus while
Striker corrects his English. The video is back now as Bateman rams JTG
into the corner and starts his comeback. JTG speeds around behind him
though and hits Jay Lethal’s belly to back suplex into a neckbreaker
which is awesome. It only gets two and Bateman hits his falling bulldog
for the quick pin at 4:42.

Rating: D+. I’m not wild on either of these guys but
JTG getting his head smacked against a mat is always a good thing. I
really hope he’s not going to be one of the main heels on this show now
but for a one off appearance he’s a breath of bad air after the weeks of
Young boring me to death.

Horny leaves commentary. I think there’s going to be someone different with Striker every match.

Maxine and Bateman arrive and a referee handcuffs them together as
per Regal’s orders. Maxine tries to flirt her way out of it but it
doesn’t work. Horny comes up and laughs at them. There’s a Divas tag

A shortened version of Brock/Ace/Cena from Monday is shown.

Watson comes up to Kidd to talk about their match later and Kidd says
he hopes Watson isn’t another victim of Kidd’s bad luch with tag teams.
Kaitlyn comes up and asks for the name of the new submission hold he
used on McGillicutty. He says he’s going to let the fans pick when
Natalya comes up and gets in her face about flirting with Tyson. The
girls leave and the guys make fun of them but it’s nothing harsh.

Maxine has managed to change her clothes while being handcuffed.
Natalya comes up and asks about the tag match which they agree to work
together for. Curtis has to go with them.

Natalya/Maxine vs. Tamina Snuka/Kaitlyn

We get a video comparing Tamina to her dad. This is an insult to
Jimmy. Kaitlyn and Tamina hit dropkicks at the same time to start the
match. We have Natalya vs. Kaitlyn to officially get things going.
Natalya throws her around to start and hooks a quick stretch which
Curtis can’t explain the pain behind. Kaitlyn comes back with a bad
looking cross body which gets two.

Off to maxine who hooks a front chancery with a body scissors.
Striker gives a quick explanation of how the move works which Curtis
can’t do or doesn’t know. Natalya comes in to break up a tag and hooks a
leg lock. Kaitlyn knocks her off and it’s a double tag to Tamina and
Maxine. The Samoan destroys her and the Superfly gets the splash at

Rating: D+. Another dull match here and that splash
really isn’t anything special at all. It’s just a top rope splash rather
than a top rope splash that looks awesome, which is what Jimmy’s was.
Kaitlyn continues to be all looks and little skill in the ring, but that
could apply to almost all of the Divas.

Striker says Maxine has to stay here because Curtis has a match.

Kidd finds Watson in the back holding his knee. He thinks it was Michael McGillicutty.

Johnny Curtis/Michael McGillicutty vs. Tyson Kidd/???

McGillicutty is a surprise partner apparently. Ok then. I could have
sworn they announced that earlier but whatever. Horny throws out
McGillicutty so it’s a one on one match.

Tyson Kidd vs. Johnny Curtis

Maxine is at the table but doesn’t have a headset. McGillicutty hits
on her as Curtis has to keep moving to avoid the technical skill of
Kidd. He gets in a shot on Kidd’s arm to take over but Kidd speeds
things up, sending Curtis to the floor. Tyson hits a sweet rana off the
apron to send Curtis to the floor and we take a break. Back with Curtis
putting on an armbar to keep Tyson on the mat.

During the break Kidd’s springboard elbow hit Curtis’ knee to set up
the arm work. McGillicutty is quoting country songs for some reason. The
arm work continues and the announcers talk about Cena vs. Lesnar to
fill time. Kidd comes back with some kicks but goes up and is caught in a
superplex for two. Kidd goes up again and hits a Blockbuster for two.
I’ve always been a fan of that move. Sharpshooter is countered into a
wheelbarrow suplex by Curtis for two. Guillotine legdrop misses and the
Hart Lock (which is the name from FCW from what I can tell) gets the
submission at 10:23.

Rating: B-. Good match but not a great one. Kidd is
one of those guys that can go out there and have a good match with
anyone it seems, even someone like Johnny Curtis who is hardly the most
interesting person in the world. I’m hoping one of these changes that’s
coming in NXT is a singles title for him to compete for.

Overall Rating: C. This show is kind of a
placeholder until Regal can come back and bring in some new talent with
him. That’s fine as the show wasn’t horrible or anything, but the
wrestling wasn’t much to see. Still though, it’s so nice to have some
fresh blood coming soon on this show and that’s a rare thing on

Derrick Bateman b. JTG – Falling Bulldog
Tamina Snuka/Kaitlyn b. Maxine/Natalya – Superfly Splash to Maxine
Tyson Kidd b. Johnny Curtis – Hart Lock

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