Hi Scott,
Long time reader, first time emailer….just wanted to get your opinion. With the WWE world title situations locked up for the next year or so, isn't this the PERFECT time to try to legitmize the ic, us and tag team titles? There is about 15 mid to upper card wrestlers with next to nothing to do (basically everyone in the team laurinits/ team teddy match at wrestlemania and the new guys coming in, and punk, show, cody…etc) they have plenty of wrestlers to bring those titles back to prominence/

There's not really any magic formula to it.  You put the title on a guy you want to push, and then he defends the title against other top guys in a featured position on the show and wins some matches.   Like Cody was IC champion for months, but never defended it.  So when Show suddenly wanted the title, no one cared. Or like during that period was Orton beating both Cody and Dolph in one week and coming right out and saying he didn't care about the belts.  Having secondary titles on a top guy is not a crime, but they treat it like it is.