Hybrid style

Hey Scott,
Do you think that, given what we've seen of Brock Lesnar's ring gear, and the nature of the feud with Cena so far, we might see a 'hybrid' style of match at Extreme Rules? In a wwe.com article Matt Striker commented that there won't be any armdrags or headlocks, so could they manage without irish whips and the like?

Because Lesnar's been away from the wrestling ring for a decade, it would seem wise to play to his strengths, and as long as Cena doesn't pull out a five-knuckle shuffle, I think there's a good chance we'll see an unusually realistic contest between the two.

Eh, Cena isn't a particularly "realistic" worker, as he's pretty much 100% a product of the WWE system.  It feels like a match where it needs to be a big Michael Bay giant robot battle type of brawl anyway.  The more "realistic" UFC style has never really gotten over outside of one Joe v. Angle match in TNA anyway.