Fwd: Female commentary

Has there ever been a woman that did regular commentary? I know that female wrestlers have done commentary during the odd match here or there, but has there ever been a woman who was a regular part of the commentary team? I couldn't recall a single one, not even in female-centric things like SHIMMER, the little of Joshi I've seen, the worst season of NXT, et cetera. If there's never been one, is it just there hasn't been any women interested in the job? There are female announcers and backstage interviewers, just struck me as odd that there's never been a single woman doing regular commentary that I've heard of. -Stephen
[email protected] === Mike McGuirk!  She's on some of the 80s WWF regional stuff.  I think she was actually married to Lex Luger for a bit too.   She was terrible though .  Elizabeth did some commentary in Memphis too.