The Streak Ender

Hi Scott,
Was thinking if the E decided to end the streak at WM 29 who be the best candidate. Makes no real sense to give the victory to a part-timer or a legend: why waste the streak for a special moment Wrestlemania with no long term benefit. And Cena clearly does not benefit from ending it – at least not compared to someone that can catapult into major player status. Who on the current roster would you trust with this mega push? It's a risk – a big risk. If I had to choose,  I would go with Wade Barrett. Though I am not aware of his committment and attitude, (which should factor in this decision) from what I see he is moderately over, a talent and could be built up as a strong heel. Put him over Mysterio at Summer Slam, Orton at the Rumble and then Taker at Mania. What do you think?  

There is absolutely no reason or need to ever end the streak.  The money is in the chase of that streak, and once it ends there's no way to ever go back to it again.  This isn't like where you chase a title for a long time and then win it and get over as a result, it took 20 years to build this up and wrecking it would piss of a significant amount of the fanbase and throw away a SIGNIFICANT chunk of the annual buys for the show.  
Plus clearly the answer is David Otunga, duh.