Moar fantasy WWE booking that will never happen

Since Punk was so anti-Johnny, now that Johnny Ace is the GM he declares Punk's title (I can't remember if he's WWE or World Champion) will be on the line at Extreme Rules under the old Hardcore Title 24/7 rules. At the start of the ppv Punk MUST be in the arena or forfeit the title. Then the title will be on the line – falls count anywhere – until Johnny declares the ppv is over.
Fast forward to 10:50 pm where, after Punk has been running for his life for more than two and a half hours. Punk just gets finished kicking out from under of someone when someone pops him on the back of the head with a bottle. We think it's Jericho but after the pin the close up reveals it's Johnny, who says "Extreme Rules is now over!"
Todd Nisoff

Well, I don't think I like your idea about Johnny seemingly ending up with the title, but I think that resurrecting the Hardcore title rules for one PPV is actually a clever idea.  That's actually a great way for Johnny to fuck with Punk, although I would end with Punk beating a bunch of midcard guys, getting worn down more and more, and then finally running into a pissed off Brock Lesnar to complete the Knightfall storyline that others have suggested.  That way Punk looks really strong and really sympathetic, as long as they don't give into the temptation to change the title a bunch of times in the same night.