SurSer 88 + question

Survivor Series 1988 is on 24/7 right now and I just finished watching that 10 team elimination match which instantly became one of my favorites. Not only is the star power amazing but the action is nonstop until the Demos/PoP angle, an easy ****+ imo. Anyway with all those teams involved, did we ever get a proper Brainbusters/Bulldogs match? Most of those teams faced each other at some point but I dont remember hearing anything about those two and I have no doubts it would've been a classic.

Yeah, the 10-man tag team elimination matches at both 87 and 88 were awesome, although the double-turn fell flat because no one in the crowd clued into it.  
The Bulldogs were literally on their way out of the door while the Busters were coming in, and the Busters were married almost exclusively to the Rockers for the first few months.  So they wouldn't have crossed paths in the WWF.  Maybe Japan, but the Bulldogs worked All Japan and the Brainbusters worked New Japan so that's pretty unlikely too.  It would be a hell of a match, though, because the Bulldogs were like a hybrid of the Rock N Roll Express and Road Warriors, two teams who the Horsemen traditionally worked awesome matches against.  Plus you can easily picture the match, with Davey throwing them around and Dynamite taking a stupid bump and getting beat up for 10 minutes.