Goofball questions

Hey Scott, I've a couple of just dumbass goofball questions.  I was watching the Midnight Express vs RnR Express match on the "Rise and Fall of WCW" DVD and thought two things:
#1. If nothing else wrestling has contributed some of the most epic mullets ever witnessed, with Bobby Eaton and Ricky Morton being near the top.  Who else rocked the most awesome mullet?
#2.  I know it would never happen but with their vast archived footage they own how sweet would it be if WWF/E put out a DVD be consisting of nothing but MX vs RnR matches and Cornette promos?

1.  Eddie Guerrero in WCW, of course.  Business in the front, party in the back, baby.  
2.  They'd have my money.  But this hearkens back to what I said before about their collection — they need to do on-demand DVD sets.  They present you with a list of the archives, you go through and pick out 3-4 hours worth of matches you want, they burn you a DVD.  $20 a pop, it's all profit, I probably buy 20 of them for myself.  You can make your own Great Khali comps if you want, or Best of NXT, or whatever oddball shit you're into as a fan and it costs them NOTHING.