Dolph Ziggler vs. Keith Apicary – Blog post?

Hey Scott – not sure if you've seen YouTube sensation and comedian/video game fan Keith Apicary' feud with Dolph Ziggler via Twitter and YouTube
Keith's opening salvo:
Dolph's response via his WWE Download show (dedicated to Keith):
Keith's follow up:
So it isn't Lawler/Kaufman ….yet but Keith (Nathan Barnatt) is pretty darn entertaining in his other videos.
Take it easy

Yeah, I saw it, and hopefully Dolph can use any little thing he can to get himself over more.  He's a really funny guy, too, and I think the "show off" gimmick might be a bit of a mismatch for him at this point because it seems like he should find something that fits his natural personality more.  Like this stuff.