Quick question

Not to put you in a bad mood but I was wondering where all the hate for Paul Roma originated in your writing? The only 2 negatives on Roma's resume that I can see are a) being a Horseman, and b) not making Alex Wright look good in 1995. Can you please enlighten me (and possibly my fellow blog readers in case they're in the dark on this as well)?
Rock Star Gary

It mostly stems from his business manager being a major nuisance in the early 2000s.  Basically anytime someone would write something negative about Roma on the newsgroups or elsewhere, the guy would write a pissy e-mail to the author about how great Roma was and how well his boxing career was doing and a lot of other b-------.  For a while I started overcompensating and talking s--- about Roma just to egg the guy on, but then once Roma buried himself with his deluded interview on the Horsemen DVD it was pretty much open season on him.  Really, he's a guy with a wholly undeserved sense of entitlement who was gifted one of the best spots in the business and completely tanked it.  And then he tried to bring Alex Wright down with him out of spite.