Quick Questions

Hey Scott couple of quick questions,
1) Do you think, and please don't laugh, that the Wellness Policy is legit now? I think so if only for the wrong reasons. It wouldn't be good for future Senator Linda McMahon (chuckle) and for a TV-PG company to have it come out that they have been giving certain guys a pass in order to keep them on the active roster and save themselves from embarrassment.  Also, after the Benoit tragedy, the government was looking at the WWE for more than drug abuse, namely the whole "independent contractor" status of the wrestlers.  I would think Vince would do everything to make sure the government doesn't want to look closely at his company.
2) On a related note, do you think TNA makes them nervous in terms of their non-existent, look the other way drug policy? I mean if one of their guys drops dead, fairly or not, WWE may find themselves under the gun.  What if it's Angle or Jeff Hardy, two men who became famous in the WWE and (maybe) found their demons there?
3) On an unrelated note, I recently watched the Owen-Yokozuna vs. The Smoking Gunns match from WrestleMania XI. When Owen gets the pin, the crowd pops big time.  I wasn't watching at the time, so I don't know if it was, a trend where Owen got cheers despite being a heel because of his talent at every show, a northeast crowd (the show was in Connecticut) typically cheering for the guy with the most talent, or the fans just hating the Gunns.

1.  Sorry, I laughed.  The Wellness Policy is legit in the sense that it's useful to some of the wrestlers, but for some strange reason none of the top guys ever get popped for drug violations.  I guess it could be because they have all natural physiques and clean living.  They all just go back to the hotel rooms and play video games after the shows, you know.  

2.  I don't think that Vince McMahon has any opinions on TNA one way or the other.  
3.  It was just a heel crowd that night.  Shawn also got cheered over supposed top babyface Diesel.