Lord Tensai

Reader since 98 at least and bought every book so please publish this…what do u think they can do to save Tensai?  Unless they scrap it altogether, my only idea is he HAS to acknowledge he was once Albert and explain his intentions of being reborn in Japan after being ridiculed to "shave his back" and dance with Too Cool…them avoiding it and continuing the facade will only be a slow death.  I may be in a small minority who actually digs the character and his work in the ring, but this might be their only chance unless they wanna lose a solid big man talent…your thoughts??

It's not the end of the world, man, he's just not working out in his current incarnation yet.  As others have suggested, they could easily move him to Smackdown where at the very least they can sweeten the audio and edit his slower-paced squashes down if need be.  Basically I think as long as he speeds it up and finds a motivation for his character, he'll be fine in the midcard like Umaga was.  I guess the bigger concern would be that he was brought in from Japan for what I assume is a significant chunk of cash in order to be Johnny's hired goon (hired goon?) and now that spot has already been usurped by Brock Lesnar.  But it's not like anyone sees him as a main event guy anyway.  
The irony in all this is that they trot out all these legends because they expect their teenaged fans to have some sense of history and they're all perplexed when people don't remember who Dusty Rhodes or Jimmy Hart are, but then they somehow expect that there will be no memory of the 90s and they don't get why people would remember Albert after his repackaging.  Frankly they should be doing MORE 90s nostalgia, because that's the period that their fanbase is actually nostalgic for, not the Horsemen era that jaded old farts like me want to see again.