Savage vs Piper

  Bought the Rowdy Roddy Piper dvd the other day and it got me to thinking. How come Vince never ran a Piper vs Macho man program. The timing would have been perfect for Wrestlemania VI, (would have been better then Piper/Brown and the mixed tag that Savage was in.) Can you imagine the crazed promos and wild brawls between those two?

Frankly I'm shocked they never crossed paths in the 80s, either.  The period leading up to Wrestlemania III when Piper was a giant babyface and Savage was a crazed heel would have been a natural to book them in IC title matches on the house show circuit.  In fact, they barely interacted in WCW, either, aside from Savage costing Piper the World title against Hogan when he turned nWo.  They probably could have made a few bucks even in that late stage of their careers, too, but there was nothing to come out of that either.  Maybe they just didn't want to work together?  I got nothing.