More Brock stuff

Hi Scott, hope you are well.
Saw this, and thought you might have a reaction (wind up Scott, watch him go!;)
A prominent MMA columnist says that he's glad Brock Lesnar is out of MMA and back in WWE. The Toronto Sun's Jose Rodriguez posted the following article, calling Brock "loud-mouthed" and saying he cheapened the sport:
Now, not questioning Lesnar's athleticism for a second, but it's a little like the righting of the Earth's axis to see him back where he belongs. I, for one, can't think of a better home for the loud-mouthed, brash and often times ignorant Lesnar. He did little to build the credibility of the sport and, if anything, cheapened it.
There is something seriously wrong when The Undertaker is one of the featured stars in the stands during a UFC pay-per-view. Just doesn't seem right. Brock, I will NOT miss you though I wish you nothing but success in your return to an acting career.

Obviously now that Brock's gone the sport can return to the untarnished state it was in before, with role models like Nick Diaz and Alistair Overeem to keep the class level up.  Brock might have been a loud-mouth, but he could back it up in the ring and never failed a single drug test.  Haters gonna hate.