Doing the Job

You pointed out that Steve Austin did a crazy amount of jobs,
considering he was the #1 guy in the company. A while back, you
basically said the same thing about The Rock: that he could lose to
anyone, then go out and save face the next day with an interview.
So my question is: if The Rock and Steve Austin constantly did the job
(compared to the current era top guys) *and* became the biggest
mainstream wrestlers since Hulk Hogan, when / why did WWE change its
mind and decree that their top guys have to be virtually invincible?

I think it’s less that they felt guys have to be invincible and more that they feel everyone should be booked even-steven, so that no one is able to become “bigger than the brand” like Rock and Austin did.  Really, the only invincible babyfaces left are Cena and HHH.  The guys on top still do lots of jobs, but now it’s incredibly difficult to regain their heat right away because of the stop-and-start pushes and crappy promos.