Cena v. Undertaker

Hi Scott I read online reports that WWE might want to try have Undertaker wrestle Cena next year at WrestleMania.  I believe this is essentially a license for WWE to print money because fans are invested in the streak and Cena has, more often than not, been presented as an invincible superman.  So fans would want to pay to either see if Cena can do the impossible and break the streak, or if Taker can overcome the most invincible superstar WWE has had since possibly the Hogan era in the 80’s (unless you count Austin as invincible?).  Do you agree with this assessment or not? 

Well, he just lost to Rock, so obviously he’s far from invincible.  And Austin did a crazy amount of jobs for the biggest superstar in history, by the way.  He got beat several times by Undertaker, did a job for Kane, lost the World title to Mick Foley, laid down for HHH, tapped out to Kurt Angle, put over the Rock in his last match ever, and in general was very much a human being compared to the supermen of the 80s.  At any rate, I don’t think anyone ever believes that Undertaker is going to lose one of these matches, so it’s more just a matter of finding someone who fans want to see lose or at least who they think might have a fighting chance with him, and Cena certainly fits that bill either way.