Brock v. Cena

PWtorch had a small snippet of how last time around, Brock wasn’t a big fan of Cena, and would supposedly even bad mouth him to Vince .  I guess that could possibly explain their short feud, and was wondering if you had ever heard anything about it, or could elaborate on why Brock didn’t like Cena.

Wait, you mean Brock Lesnar didn’t get along with another person?  That IS breaking news!  Haven’t heard anything about it and I don’t recall hearing anything about it in the WON at the time either.  Probably just stemming from Brock being a miserable human being and Cena being the smiling goofball.  Come to think of it, this really is the perfect feud now, because everyone knows Cena is the outgoing smiling people person and Brock is the anti-social caveman who would just as likely give a dying kid an F5.  Brock can beat up the cancer-ridden Make-A-Wish child, and Cena will be all “Now I’m MAD!” and then he’ll laugh it off and make a poopy joke and people will wonder why he doesn’t draw anymore.