The Brock Lesnar Thread!

Let’s see which one gets more views, the Brock thread or the Bryan thread.  Social experiment!

Cena/Lesnar 1 was almost exactly 9 years to the day of Extreme Rules. Do you run Cena/Lesnar 2 that early? I think they should, and play up the history of the first match being the launching pad for Cena becoming more than a mid card novelty act.

You sure do run it that early.  They’ve apparently got Brock locked in for 8 PPV appearances at a staggering amount of money for each (Dave was vague on the numbers on the radio show this morning, but it’s more than the $50,000 per match he got in Japan and less for the year than he made in one UFC fight), so they gotta start using him.  However currently the advertising for Extreme Rules has Punk v. Cena as the main event, so they might change the title to Cena there and have Brock win it early on at another PPV like Money In The Bank.  The goal here is not Brock v. Cena anyway, the goal is Brock ploughs through Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, and CM Punk, wins the WWE title at Royal Rumble or earlier from whoever the unlucky sap holding it is, and drops the belt to the Rock at Wrestlemania in his last match on the way out.  That’s how the money will be made.  Whether they can resist the temptation to have him put someone over besides Rock, or whether Lesnar can resist the temptation to tell Vince to go fuck himself sometime around Summerslam, that’s another matter.

Quick question for you:
I keep debating to myself which the best way financially and entertainment wise to redebut Brock.  While there are many different ways, I think there are four practical options the wwe had:
1. Advertise him for mania in some capacity
2. Have him show up unannounced at mania
3. Have him show up unannounced on raw (which they did)
4. Advertise his first appearance at extreme rules
I don’t know which option would be best, I feel advertising him last minute for mania would have to increase the buyrate in some capacity ( even if only 1 million to 1.05) and you would still get a bump for extreme rules since he will (presumably) be competing. I also wonder if having him interfere unannounced in rock/cena would cause a considerable backlash (a year long hyped match ending by interference).
Just wondering your thoughts.

Mania was the Rock show and Lesnar wouldn’t move the needle without an angle behind it, so I would say no buys there.  I think having him F5 Rock so that Cena won would have been pretty awesome and set up next year’s main event, and probably would have tempered any anger fans might have had with Cena winning.  Plus then Cena beats the Rock and faces Lesnar on a winning note before he gets demolished.  Last night’s way worked just as well for me, though.