Does WWE not know how to build up babyfaces anymore? Sheamus started getting over as a babyface by standing up to people and fighting them like a man. After WrestleMania and Raw they seem to think that him cheap shotting people when they’re not looking makes him a badass. I’m a huge Daniel Bryan fan so obviously I was upset that they didn’t get a chance to put on an actual match. Then on Raw Del Rio comes out and talks to him face to face and Sheamus waits until Del Rio turns around to get a new mic before kicking him in the face when he wasn’t ready. So why is anyone supposed to cheer for Sheamus?

Because they tell you to, fella.  I don’t blame Sheamus in all this, I like him just fine, but he’s in a really bad position at the moment.  And honestly, no, they don’t know how to build up babyfaces.  Just look at poor Zack Ryder.