Let’s Talk About Blog, Baby…

Just wanted to, how do you say, engage in a frank and honest discussion with you.

OK, Simpsons references aside, tomorrow we shall come to a crossroads in the life of Scott’s Blog Of Doom, so I thought I should open things up to see how people are feeling a bit.

Basically the decision was made to take rspwfaq.com, the WordPress site hosted on Scotsman’s server, offline leading up to Wrestlemania because the live RAW threads were nearly bringing down the whole server single-handedly and WM would probably leave them a smoking heap.  My original thought was of course to migrate back to Livejournal for a week, but I couldn’t find a layout that looked anything near decent and the comment system sucks ass, so I tried Blogger instead.  Of course, I immediately fell in love with it and bought a new domain for this version of the blog via Google, rspwfaq.net, so that I could do all sorts of extra cool stuff with the site.  Tomorrow we’re scheduled to have rspwfaq.com migrate back to the original WordPress blog again, and at this point I’m leaning heavily towards not bothering.  Here’s my list of talking points so you can weigh in if you have an opinion:

1.  Cost.  Moving back to WordPress is, at best, a temporary solution to say the least.  This weekend the blog did all-time record numbers of pageviews that Blogger handled without breaking a sweat, and the WordPress blog simply can’t sustain that level of growth any longer.  To continue with a self-hosted blog as is, I’m going to need my own server, and all investigation I’ve done leads me to conclude that it’ll have to be a fairly good dedicated server.  We’re talking upwards of $150 a month for something like that, and I just don’t have the resources to justify that kind of expense.  Not to mention that I originally got away from running the technical end of a website (Rantsylvania/TheSmarks.com) because I f------ hate dealing with it and have no desire to go back to it again.  Blogger is free and obviously has no issue handling whatever traffic I can throw at it, and any issues are handled behind the scenes by my Googly overlords.

2.  Ease of use.  Blogger can literally do everything I was doing with WordPress with a lot less configuring needed on my end of things.  I can’t even tell you how much easier it was to install and configure Disqus on here (copy and paste a line of code, bam, DONE) than it was on WordPress (install plugin, set a million options, run conversion process, wait several days).  For me, it’s like the difference between PC gaming and Xbox gaming.  I don’t want to go through the minutia of updating drivers and tweaking the video card anymore, I just want to pop in the disc and play.  That’s what changing over to Blogger has been like for me — no worries about which version of WordPress is running what plugins, it all just WORKS.  I love WordPress, but it was getting to the point where I literally had to purge all of the plugins at the end because I had no idea what was conflicting with what anymore.

3.  Speed.  I don’t know what you guys have experienced thus far, but Blogger is lightning fast from my end, both in updating and surfing.  Wordpress was starting to get really bottlenecked by the extra traffic, along with the server, and it was driving me pretty nuts from an ease-of-use standpoint.  Disqus seems a little slower here than on WP, but on WP it was eating up giant amounts of resources and apparently had lag issues for some people as well.  So being a little slower here seems like a small price to pay, I’d say.  

So yeah, that’s where we stand.  Barring any giant objections or dealbreakers that I haven’t thought of, my play is going to be having rspwfaq.com pointing to this site once I’ve gone through the miserable process of backing up and converting all the posts and comments from WP format into Blogger format.  Once that’s done, I see no reason not to shut down the WordPress site and move permanently here.

Thoughts?  Does it really matter to you all that much so long as your bookmarks don’t change?