Kyle’s News: Ric Flair has to mention TNA in his HOF speech?

According to sources, one thing TNA wanted when negotiating with WWE for Ric Flair’s Hall of Fame participation was that they wanted it to be said in some way during the show that Flair worked for TNA or was there due to TNA.

We’re not sure if WWE agreed to that particular stipulation, but it was one of the key things that was being discussed over the past few weeks.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter 

I appreciate TNA allowing Ric Flair to attend the Four Horsemen’s introduction into the Hall of Fame, even though if they said no, it might’ve caused a tirade. But, Flair should thank TNA for allowing him to attend this event on his own. TNA’s Upper Management shouldn’t be telling him he has to. 

TNA  is trying to get a cheap plug on a WWE show. Little does TNA know, president Obama could plug TNA on national TV and it wouldn’t help. Face the facts TNA: you’re more known now than 2006 and yet your shows gets almost the exact ratings it did then and  the buyrates have FALLEN a significant margin. Most people know what TNA is but decide not to watch it for a laundry list of reasons why and  I can’t blame them.  Flair saying I work for TNA isn’t going all of a sudden have a swarm of WWE fans google TNA and then become avid watchers of the product. Instead, try listening to your audience and see how that much helps than forcing 20 years out of their prime talent down their throats every second of air time you have, TNA. At the very least, you won’t have to can your TV shows anymore.