More on Wrestlemania

Hey Scott longitme reader, occasional blog poster, and first time emailer. I was wondering with the tons of rumors, people doing their fantasy booking(all I’ve seen great ideas in their own right) and “biggest match ever” hype, are we all getting set up for a HUGE letdown? I think the Cena/Rock match with be a good one but something tells me it will end with an Attitude Adjustment and a clean win for Cena followed by a passing of the torch moment(pretentious in my mind)with a Rock handshake. All well and good but not for Mania or the crazy potential ways this story can go….or maybe I really AM that jaded. Thoughts?

 Oh, I think they’re cooking something up here.  Low ratings = desperation = awesome hotshot angles, so there’s gonna be some giant attempt to boost RAW the next night, and that means we all win, at least temporarily.  Plus they have to set up next year’s WM, so no, I don’t think you’re setting yourself up for disappointment at all.