Undertaker’s Shaved Head

 When Stunning Steve had hair, he looked like a goofball. Sure, it worked at the time due to his heel persona, but never would’ve fitted the Stone Cold character. The shaved head on Austin fitted the gimmick and made him look more badass, although the same cannot be said about Undertaker. It’s uncommon for a guy look more badass with long hair, but Undertaker looked a lot more terrifying with the long hair. He looks like a creepy old man, similar to the Family Guy character Herbert, and completely out of shape in this picture. Hopefully, he does something with his look prior to Wrestlemania and/or WWE does a good job with makeup to make his appearance more intimidating and got back into shape because if he looks anything like he does in this picture, Baldtaker is going to be difficult for fans to take seriously.

Plus, it will be interesting to see how Taker calls spots in the ring. After all, for most of his career, he’s been used to his hair hiding him talking to his opponent.