Wrestlemania Specialty Matches: Wrestlemania V

Hey look it’s Wrestlemania V, which I believe had 83 matches on it.

The card actually just ended last week.


Wrestlemania V: The Megapowers Explode
From Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

WWF Tag Team Championship: Demolition vs. Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji

The storyline is WAY more important than the match. Powers of Pain jumped to the WWF from Crockett sometime in the late summer and you were basically counting the days until they won the titles. Funny thing is it didn’t happen and the fans still dug Demolition despite the Powers being there so they do the double switch at Survivor Series and give the people what they want (to cheer Demolition). Anyway at this point it was the final title shot for the Powers and Fuji made it a Freebird match so it’s 3-on-2. Now although the mark says that Fuji pulled one over on his old team, the smark says this was a genius move by Demolition because Fuji is far more dangerous on the outside where he can cheat, but with him in the ring, they could rough him up and pin him. No wonder they held the titles for like 19 months on their first reign. Demolition was one of those rare acts that lasted exactly as long as their shelf life demanded.

Warlord and Ax start things off and Ax gets the upper hand by…well beating the shit out of him. He tags in Smash and they both beat the shit out of him. I mean there’s no doubt why this team got over – they didn’t take any shit from anyone. The Powers trap Smash in the corner but he fights his way out and tags Ax who rocks Barbarian with a clothesline and body slams him. Barbarian rallies with a shot to the throat and tags Warlord but Smash no sells him and tags Ax and they double clothesline Warlord (good thing too, I always thought Barbarian had some use and was a decent power worker. Warlord, on the other hand, sucked monkey nuts). Ax back in the ring and the heels finally get some continuity and rough up Ax. Warlord tags Fuji who does some whack karate shit and lands a headbutt to the midsection. He quickly leaves the ring and lets Barbarian take over again and the big boot grounds Ax some more. Flying shoulder block from Barbarian but no cover, instead a tag to Warlord, who lays in his crappy offense for a two count. Tag to the Barbarian and he slams Ax and tags Fuji, who climbs to the top and misses whatever he wanted to try. He tags Warlord, however, who slams Ax but misses the clothesline and gets caught with a forearm. Hot tag to Smash and he chews gum and kicks ass…although I see no gum. Crowd wakes up out of its coma for this segment. An assisted hangman slam on Warlord…see that’s what made Demolition cool, they did heel shit. More shenanigans and somehow Smash is trapped with Warlord and Fuji but Fuji accidentally hits Warlord with salt and he’s gone. Decapitation on Fuji and this one is over. See what I mean about genius. They didn’t even have to pin one of the 300-pound guys, they just beat up the 80-year-old manager and called it a day. Highly under appreciated strategists.

(Demolition def. Powers of Pain/Fuji, pinfall, *1/2, because Demolition still rules over 20 years later.)