Talkin’ bout Dexter

So I know there’s still one episode left in the, shall we say, somewhat subpar season of Dexter we’ve had thus far, but I wanted to have a quick discussion on it.  If you’re not watching and plan to, I won’t actually spoil anything for you before the break, but I was curious who had figured out the Big Twist in advance of the show making it seem like a giant dramatic reveal.  Big spoilers follow if you venture further!I’m sure everyone who’s been watching knows what I’m talking about, but what makes me wonder about people’s reactions is that somewhere around episode 6 or 7, I made an offhand comment to my wife that you never see Professor Gellar actually interacting with anyone, so maybe he’s just a creation of Gump Jr’s mind ala Harry and Dexter.  I thought it was pretty obvious, like so stupidly obvious that they would then turn it on itself by having that person be something else entirely, but no.  But she was legitimately shocked that they might go there with it.  And most of the forums for discussing the show, when I went back and read about the earlier episodes, had come to that same conclusion I did and also treated it like a foregone conclusion.  However, whenever I discuss the show with people outside of the online world and would mention “Say, maybe Gellar’s a ghost/hallucination/whatever”, the reaction would inevitably be “WHAT?  Holy shit!” so maybe that’s why this season gets insanely high ratings despite all the dropped storylines and ridiculous bad acting.  Anyway, Dexter fans, did you guess the twist early or get legitimately surprised by it?