Friday Night Party Thread: February 15, 2019

YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE at Fox Hall in Annandale, Virginia, where over 300 of my craziest friends are joining me for NOVA Pro’s season 4 premiere tonight!  It’s also my debut as a referee on this stage, so yeah, I’m a shade nervous.

ESPN has the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities tonight.  ESPN2 has the college action, with Saint Joe’s/Davidson, followed by Troy/Georgia Southern.  ESPNU has the goods tonight with Buffalo/Toledo (don’t laugh — both teams could make the NCAA tournament), followed by Northern Kentucky/Wright State.

I want to thank those in the Day Thread who discussed the ALWF’s future here.  The majority seem to be okay with it being there, and the biggest issue is Benoit’s inclusion.  I’ll consider writing him out if it matters that much in the future.  But I’ll keep the hype to the chat threads instead of their own posts, while putting up the big shows for your enjoyment.

Meanwhile, in the land of the living, we’re heading to the Elimination Chamber, and excitement couldn’t be more tepid!  I would recommend New Year’s Revolution 2005 as a night viewing, as I really love that particular Chamber match.  I think it’s Batista’s real coming-out party.

Enjoy the weekend!

Six of the Best – WCW SuperBrawl

This time out we look at one of WCW’s gala events in the form of SuperBrawl. Indeed, for some within WCW itself, SuperBrawl was actually the event they considered to be the biggest event of the year, even bigger than Starrcade. This mostly was the case when Eric Bischoff took over, as he’s gone on record saying he never really cared for Starrcade due to it happening in December and preferred SuperBrawl’s February date.

SuperBrawl was generally a decent effort from WCW, and usually saw some pretty newsworthy big matches, such as Hollywood Hogan battling with Roddy Piper, Sting and Ric Flair in 97, 98 and 99 respectively. One SuperBrawl event in particular ended up dominating the list however, but in my defence you could probably make an argument for it being the best pay per view event WCW ever put on!

As always, these are just my own personal picks. This isn’t supposed to be some sort of objective list or anything. If I leave out a match that you think warrants inclusion, then please feel free to put it down in the comments section below. As with previous lists, I’ll be listing the matches in chronological order.

So without further to do, let’s get to it!

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Not sure if this has been covered but I cannot recall. How for the love of the WWE’s love of getting a Four Horsewoman deal over as a thing is Tessa Blanchard not on their roster and sewn directly to one of Charlotte’s implants?  Is there some kind of problems here with her, or Tully, or something?  Or does this kind of logic I’m presenting just make too much sense for this company right now?


She was let go for being a pain in the ass, is more or less the explanation I've always heard.  Which made it all the more surprising when boyfriend Ricochet got a deal, because usually that kind of petty heat keeps people away by proxy.  But kudos to HHH for ignoring it.  Tessa might even be on better terms with the office again, I dunno.  


Hey, Scott:

Loving your Superstars recaps. Some questions:

1.) Could Nailz — in his previous "Kevin Kelly" incarnation — go in the ring at all? Watching him nearly 30 years later, he seemed to actively *trying* to be terrible.

2.) Did Vince know that Bossman would be gone from the company in early 1993? In hindsight, I've always wondered why Nailz didn't go over Bossman at Survivor Series 1992, if the plan was to slide Nailz over to feud with Undertaker. Seems you'd want to build him up as a legit threat.

3.) I'm old enough to remember Hogan drawing some money around the loop with the exhumed remains of Killer Khan in early 1987. If Hogan was around 1992, do you think he could've done business with Nailz or had the business cooled to the point where Nailz was dead-on-arrival, regardless?

Thanks, man!

1.  No, Kevin Wacholz was always terrible and immobile.  

2.  He didn't specifically know he was leaving, but the writing was on the wall and Bossman was running on fumes anyway.  I think Bossman went over because of the good guys win principle, but you're right, it probably should have been Nailz.  

3.  He would've drawn with Hulk.  Had Hulk been around and in the role occupied by Bossman, that would've carried the summer for them.  


Given his NWA/WCW history, you would assume Mike Rotunda is a Hall of Candidate. So they have to eventually put IRS in, right? 

I am 100% sure he will go in someday, yes.  As WWE Hall inductions go, it's a totally fine one.  

Kofi vs Bryan

I know you’re probably sick of Kofi emails but hear me out here:

Kofi pinned Bryan on SD. At Elimination Chamber, it comes down to Kofi and Bryan. Rowan and Big E brawl outside when Harper arrives and slips Bryan a weapon through the chamber allowing him to retain. At Fastlane they can do a 6-man with New Day vs. Straight Veg-Society with a stip that if New Day wins, Kofi gets Bryan at WM.

With Rollins/Brock, and Charlotte/Rousey/Becky main eventing, it’s a perfect year to have a WWE title match fans can get invested in that can be placed midcard.


New Day v. Bryan & Bludgeon Brothers isn't a bad idea, but I don't know what the status of Luke Harper is.  I'm still not seeing it as a Wrestlemania match, though.  I still think Cena is where they're going to end up.  Unless Bray Wyatt as a babyface returns to reclaim his family like he's been teasing on Twitter. 

Indies and Insanity: February 14, 2019

Oh, like I have a valentine today.

Your NBA on TNT game this week — just one, as the All-Star break is around the corner — is Thunder/Pelicans.  Your college basketball slate is: ESPN has Houston/Connecticut; ESPN2 has Illinois/Ohio State, then Murray State/Austin Peay (Ja Morant of Murray State is a must-see), and Gonzaga/Loyola Marymount.  Meanwhile, your ESPNU deep cuts are Tulsa/Tulane, Arizona/Utah, and St. Mary’s/Santa Clara.  Plus, if you stick with ESPN after the hoops, they have a special on the UFC Heavyweight Classic between Cain and Brock.

The Indie Roundup of the weekend — and we got some good stuff — coming after the jump.

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WWF 1992 Era Rumors

Your terrific Superstars reviews got me thinking about a few rumors I remember hearing over the years from the period. Hoping you can shed some light on these. How much is true, how much is bull. 

1. When they were getting ready to debut Razor Ramon, he was originally going to be called the "Bag Guy Razor Ramon," with the idea being that he was a bagman for the drug cartels, ala Scarface. But then they changed it to Bad Guy because, you know, sanity. 

2. Yokozuna was originally going to be called Yokotuna, and he was going to be billed as a giant tuna-man who sings, with Mr. Fuji as a sushi chef. Remnants of this appeared in that Cooking for the Single Man skit for the Smack Em Whack Em Coliseum tape.

3. If Bret signed with WCW while IC champ in early '92, the plan to bury him on the way out was to change his gimmick to Bret "the Hateman" Hart, a white supremacist character.

4. Papa Shango was going to have a feud with Ultimate Warrior, which would start when Shango curses Warrior, causing him to vomit all over the place, and randomly bleed weird black goo. 

5. When the Rockers split, Shawn was originally going to become the "Hatbreak Kid," and would destroy peoples hats. This was going to be the original catalyst for the Rick Martel feud.

6. Al Snow was supposed to come in around Survivor Series '92 as 'Al Bundy,' a serial killer gimmick for Boss Man to fight after Nailz. But then Vince saw Married with Children, and said "fuck that guy."

7. Koko B Ware was the original choice to play Doink, and he was going to feud with Bret for the title at Royal Rumble '93, but then day before they were supposed to tape the first vignette, Koko showed up to Vince's house at 2 in the morning wearing the gimmick, and scared the shit out of the family, loudly crying that he couldn't stand not to have Frankie with him on the road, and begging not to do it.  

8. Sgt. Slaughter was going to win the WWF title again in October 92 from Flair, in an attempt to recreate the American hero babyface with Hogan gone. But then he got busted partying with Marty Jannetty, and it was in all the papers, so he got taken off the road. 

9. Before they came up with the Narcissist gimmick for him, Bobby Heean was going to introduce Lox Luger, a deli themed character, who ate bagels during his matches as a way to get heat. But then they thought it was too similar to Bastion Booger.

Everything but #4 is 100% true.  But that Warrior shit is too stupid to possibly be real.  

Becky vs. the Corporation

So, can we assume next week on Raw (because it's the more important show) that Becky will show up in the crowd, ignore her suspension, and attack Ronda Rousey. This will then cause Vince to lead out the local police to "arrest" Becky, live on national television?

Then the same thing will happen on Smackdown with Charlotte? 

I'd be a little disappointed if they didn't do this.

Is Ronda at the PPV this Sunday?  It could also happen there.  


Hey Scott,

  Why did they never do another CWC?

There was either talk of, or an actual announcement at an investor's call, of a South American sequel to the CWC that was supposed to have happened in 2018 at some point and been based in (I believe) Brazil or thereabouts.  They would supposedly use all the 205-level Latino talent for the tournament and do a training camp for new recruits and such.  And then I guess plans changed.  

Kofi Kingston

Do you think Kofi Kingston is in for a singles push given his performance in the Gauntlet Match on Smackdown this past week, or do believe it will be forgotten about in short order?  

I don't think they should put the World title on the guy or anything, but I'm sure a title shot at Fastlane is totally something they could run with.  

NXT Global


A while back when NXT UK started their first set of weekly takings, I recall Triple H giving an interview in which he stated (iirc) that his goal and vision was not just a PC/Developmental system in various regions around the world, but a viable alternative brand/quasi-territory system, in which you could have guys get paid enough to remain within the NXT “family” their whole careers, occasionally moving to a different region to gain exposure to a new audience, etc.

How serious do you think this take was by Hunter, and how feasible do you see it being as an endgame?  Because personally, as a fan, for as invested as I am in the NXT and UK product and style of work, I am equally as…apathetic about the main roster.  I’m not mad, I don’t think it “sucks” – I just don’t care.  I know what it is, and what it is going to be, and that it is never going to “get” certain performers/groups.  I don’t expect it to change, because I don’t think Vince & co give a damn what fans like me think. So a call up from NXT right now is like a death sentence – Undisputed Era, Gargano, Ciampa, you name it, and I just dread the day when I watch their last TakeOver and am left wondering which one will be jobbing to Nia Jax on Raw.

Any chance we get NXT as an ongoing, WWE-indie territory as we move forward?

That's always been their stated goal, so I'd say YES, that is absolutely a possibility.  Really, what are they "developing" for talent at this point anyway?  Ricochet and Gargano and Ciampa, who are already better workers than 90% of the main roster? 

NXT UK – February 13, 2019

Date: February 13, 2019
Location: Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

Things are getting more interesting around here as Walter continues to be the biggest thing to be added to the show since its inception (all those months ago). For now though, we’re in Phoenix for some shows taped at the Royal Rumble Axxess. We should be in for some fun shows around here and some guest stars aren’t out of the question. Let’s get to it.

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