The IMPACT has been soft

Now that's it has been some weeks passed since the co-promtion between AEW and Impact, is it safe to say….what was the point?? Omega had one match there and Private Party showed up with Matt Hardy. No one from impact outside of the good brothers have even been mentioned on Dynamite. Not the world champ, the women's champ, not even Tommy Dreamer.

It's beginning to look like a complete joke of a relationship with Tony Khan trying his best to downgrade Impact every week on THEIR OWN SHOW. Which isn't hard to do when Matt Striker screaming like a moron at every damn match like he's broadcasting a best of 7 between Flair and Steamboat. Should we wait it out some more?

I mean, Impact's ratings have mostly gone up as a result of the relationship, and the Good Brothers are on AEW TV every week now.  Not sure what else people want out of this, to be honest.  It's a net positive for me thus far. 



Do you think that if the Ultimate Warrior had not passed so suddenly, since he was back in good graces with the WWE, that they would’ve done a farewell match with him against possibly a mid- carder in which Warrior could beat the guy in a minute or two and shake the ropes a few times as a final goodbye? 

I dunno, that would have to be a pretty quick minute because he was looking rough just getting into the ring that night.  I don't feel like Warrior really had any further interest in getting in the ring again, either. 

Miz as Sleight of Hand

I actually think this Miz thing is a brilliant play by the WWE. Lashley is a decent opponent for McIntyre for a regular PPV, but they already got the most out of that they could when they wrestled last year. Neither of their characters or wrestling styles have really changed since. It’s definitely an underwhelming Wrestlemania main event for sure.

So how to get people not to hate it? Put the title on Miz, let him be a lightning rod for Internet disapproval, and then switch it to Lashley. Everyone will be so relieved that Miz isn’t champion that they won’t bother to be dissatisfied with Lashley. People will probably STILL be hating on Miz when Wrestlemania comes around, even though he’s doubtlessly going to lose the belt within the next couple weeks. I think this is a smart sleight of hand, although I don’t approve of it. Of course, it would have been easier to just, you know, find a quality opponent for McIntyre in the first place, but still. Thoughts?

Are we still talking about the Miz today?  That was so 2 days ago. 

NXT UK – February 25, 2021

Date: February 25, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

It’s title week around here as Gallus is defending the Tag Team Titles against Pretty Deadly in a match that has seemed set for a good while now. Gallus has held the titles since October 2019 and I’m not sure what else there is for them to do with them, but it’s almost hard to imagine them losing. Let’s get to it.

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Thursday Night Thread: February 25, 2021

Gorilla and Brain have been invited to Ric Flair’s birthday party today.  They will be back next week.

RIP Josephus Hudson, aka Question Mark.  Something so old-timey dumb about the gimmick.

And in honor of the Birthday Boy, here is your moment of Zen:

Bring the insanity.

Miz, the first jobber to become WWE champion?

Since defeating Otis for the Money in the Bank contract at Hell in a cell last October and before becoming the WWE champion, The Miz has wrestled 19 bouts. He only won four of them and lost 15, including a handicap match he lost with Morrison to Drew McIntyre (source: wrestling historian and author Pat Laprade).

Does that make The Miz the first ever jobber to become WWE champion? Is this the equivalent of Marty Jannetty or Damian Demento suddenly winning the big prize?

That brings me another question. Who was the weakest WWE champion in history? I’m not wondering who was the worst or drew the least, but who was the lowest in the food chain at the moment where the title was suddenly put around his waist.

Envoyé de mon iPad

Gotta go with Jinder Mahal there.  

Got it all figured out.

Seriously, I got the whole ding dang figured out. Hear me out.

The Miz comes out and he says now look here. I'm the world champion but I'm on a Mizzion (mission). Or something clever. He points his pig hoof to the Wrestlemania sign and he says look here – and Bad Bunny comes out. Now he's his bodyguard like Virgil. He looks menacing so that creates separation. Miz says look, my MIZZION is to be the best ever. And Bunny is here to help me. How, I don't know.

Well here comes the goddamn Lex Express into the arena like Angle's milk truck. It's Lex Luger! Here he is! To do all that American nonsense. Well, he says your beehind is mine, Miz. Miz runs away. He says fine if you can beat the Bunny tonight in a match, you get my title. Well, Lex and Bunny fight, Lex wins with a forearm smash, Bunny falls out of the ring and loses in a 10 count. Lex says HAH Miz, will ya look at that, I can milk this now for ten more years, now I want your title!

Miz pulls the 2 count, why-didn't-my-finisher-win look with his face. You know, the one they teach in NXT. He says, no, next week, a tag match! Me and Bunny versus you and a partner of your choosing. Lex just struts around like a goofball and says fine.

So next week. Miz and Bunny come out all tough like a bunch of jerks. Lex comes out and says alright, here's my partner! And you know who it is?


Because bunnies fear gators because gators I assume eat bunnies.

And that sells tickets, pal!

Your friend,

You had me right up until your email started.  

NXT – February 24, 2021

Date: February 24, 2021
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix, Vic Joseph

It’s time for a night focusing on revenge, as Karrion Kross is going to get to destroy Santos Escobar for Escobar running his mouth, plus the fallout from Adam Cole attacking Kyle O’Reilly last week. The latter is likely to be a much bigger story but both have my interest. Let’s get to it.

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Monday Night Raw – September 25, 2006

Monday Night Raw
Date: September 25, 2006
Location: Ford Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Attendance: 10,000
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

We’re still starting of the new John Cena Era and that seems to include one last gasp from Edge, but I can’t imagine him sticking around in the main event scene that much longer. You also have to imagine that the McMahons are going to be back sooner rather than later, because that’s how Raw works. Let’s get to it.

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Dynamite – February 24, 2021

Date: February 24, 2021
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone

AEW had a pretty surprising headline earlier today as they announced the signing of Big Show Paul Wight, which is not something many people had on their Bingo cards. I’m not sure how much of a difference he is going to make around here but he seems a lot more like a signing for the sake of getting some attention than anything else. Let’s get to it.

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The Wednesday Night War Thread


Well…it’s a big show for one side.  A big bad show tonight, y’all.  Perhaps we should crank it up and turn out all the lights?

Actually a pretty big show for NXT in the Canadian sense as well, since they finally launch NXT on Sportsnet 360 live on Wednesdays up here instead of being confined to the ghetto of Fridays, delayed a week, and edited down to an hour.  Unfortunately I don’t actually subscribe to Sportsnet 360 because my sports package includes literally every other TSN and Sportsnet channel besides that one, so you’re stuck with Dynamite reviews from me, sorry.

Have a great night!

Honky Tonk Man & The Hart Foundation vs. Bruno Sammartino, Tito Santana & Jake Roberts (and other Dream Matches!)

Randy Savage vs Bruno Sammartino (WWF, 1-3-1987) | Tape Machines Are Rolling

Bruno was a scary grandpa in 1987- he still looked more dangerous than many of the roided-up wrestlers.

Welcome to more Dream Matches! This time, I found a super-unusual bout from 1987 with latter-era Bruno shoring up a six-man match against some of the nastiest heels in town, and a look at Baby AJ Styles as an indie nobody in WCW, teaming with Air Paris against Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias! Also, did you know that one half of Well Dunn once fought MANTAUR? This all-time Dream Match was for the lucky 26 fans who watched USWA in 1997, and will be reviewed for you here in this very column! Also watch the death of the Big Bully Busick gimmick, and Bill Goldberg demolish one half of the Master Blasters (no, not that one).

(WWF TV, Sept. 1987)
* Hahah, now THAT’s a random six-man! Honky’s the most hated heel in the business with his IC Title, and the Harts are also the champs, while they’re up against the Living Legend (Bruno, not Larry), Tito near his peak, and Jake on his way up. Bruno & Tito are in blue, Jake & Honky in red, and the Harts in pink & black. The Harts start shit, but Jake clears the ring with Damien immediately. This is from one of those “Scott’s Wrestling Collection” sets on YouTube.

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