WWF Championship Wrestling April 20th, 1985

April 20th,

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action tonight are the British Bulldogs, Tito Santana
& Junkyard Dog, and the tag-team debut of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart &
Brett Hart.


Steve Lombardi &
Barry O. vs. British Bulldogs

Dynamite takes down Barry with a pair of shoulder blocks.
Davey tags in and goes to work on the arm. Crossbody gets two. Barry doesn’t
get his arm up in time for a clothesline but Davey sells it anyway. Davey gets
up and uses a crucifix for a nearfall. Lombardi and Dynamite tag in and
Dynamite his a few suplexes. Davey gets two off a powerslam then grabs a
chinlock. Dynamite chops the piss out of Lombardi then locks on a sleeper that
Barry breaks up from behind. Barry hits a powerslam then tags Lombardi before
heading to the top rope but Davey knocks him off then knocks down Lombardi,
setting up the finish which had Davey press Dynamite over his head and launch
him at Lombardi with a diving headbutt for the win (4:06). After the match we
are shown a replay of the finish, where we see that Dynamite was lucky he
didn’t break his neck, as Vince tries to make a sound effect that mimics a
missile. He failed.

Thoughts: A nice showing for the Bulldogs, who had the crowd
going after the match. They were using moves that were just not seen at all on
WWF television.  Lombardi was a champ
here for taking all the punishment that he did.  


WWF Update with
Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is King Kong Bundy and we are shown a
clip of him squashing Paul Roma. The push is starting to take off for Bundy.


Brutus Beefcake
w/Johnny Valiant vs. Ron Dee

Dee backs Beefcake into the
corner then breaks cleanly. Beefcake hits a slam and goes to work on the back
of Dee. On commentary, they put over the duo
of Beefcake and Valiant as being perfect for each other as Beefcake hits a
gutbuster. He nearly blows a clothesline then hits a running knee smash for the
win (2:57).

Thoughts: Just about the same as every other Beefcake squash. His singles push still isn’t working.


Gene Okerlund is with Bob Orton. He said his dad was a great
wrestler and he is following in his footsteps. Okerlund asks him about being
Piper’s bodyguard and if he is well-paid and Orton said he isn’t doing it for
free. Okerlund then asks him if he has spoken to Paul Orndorff and Orton said
that he has not and Orndorff is probably crying somewhere. They sure have done
a great job of making people think what will happen when Orndorff returns.


Mario Mancini &
S.D. Jones vs. Brett Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart w/Jimmy Hart

Neidhart and S.D push each other around to start. S.D. works
the arm and tags Mancini but he gets destroyed by Neidhart. Bret tags and hits
a dropkick. He uses a headbutt and wrestles at a fast pace. They take turns
beating on Mancini as the camera shows Jimmy Hart getting flipped off by a fan.
After that, the Anvil holds up Mancini and Bret takes him down with a
clothesline for the win (2:37). The heels beat on Mancini after the win then

Thoughts: Not much of a reaction at all for the debut of the
not-yet named Hart Foundation. They looked okay in the ring but after this, you
would never think that they would go on to be one of the most popular teams in
WWF history. Bret was more aggressive here but still didn’t show any
personality in the ring. At this time, they were still spelling his name as


Okerlund is with Beefcake and Valiant and asks them about
breaking the leg of Hillbilly Jim. Valiant rambles before saying that they got
in his way and was a novice. Beefcake speaks and mocks Jim by hopping around on
one foot. He was pretty bad on the mic.


Sal Gee vs. Don

The fans heckle Muraco as he enters the ring. He beats the
shit out of Gee before grabbing a chinlock. The fans start a boring chant as
Gee tries to escape but gets taken down and Muraco hits the tombstone for the
win (2:37). Damn, he dropped him right on his head. Muraco looked pissed off
about when he took Gee down before the finish.

Thoughts: Dull match. The crowd was a bit impatient here,
which is usually what happens during the last show of the taping.


Piper’s Pit from
backstage at WrestleMania. The guest this week is Jesse Ventura, who calls the
referee’s incompetent. Roddy rants about Mr. T being gassed after the match
then disses Orndorff, calling him “Mr. Blunderful” as he tells Ventura that if
they had him as a partner they would have won.


Hillbilly Jim is on his porch at his home in Mudlick, Kentucky.
He reads off some fan mail and shows us his broken leg. He promises to take
care of Beefcake when he heals. He then plays the guitar for a few minutes then
shows us his dogs. This lasted for way too long. Hillbilly Jim was never able
to sustain his popularity when he came back.


R.T. Reynolds &
Mr. X vs. Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana

The faces work on the arm of Mr. X. Reynolds tags but ends
up in the wrong corner and JYD grabs a chinlock as we hear him speak gibberish
to his opponent, which amuses Vince. The faces neutralize Reynolds with various
submission holds. Mr. X tags and works on Tito for a bit but that doesn’t last
and JYD tags back in and hits a running powerslam for the win (4:14). After the
match, JYD pulls some kids out from the crowd and dances, which has Vince
remind us that last week, JYD danced with someone’s grandma.

Thoughts: The crowd really likes the team of Tito & JYD.
A basic squash match.


Okerlund is with Muraco. He asks him about his training
schedule. Muraco tells us about all of the training he does then stresses the
importance of nutrition. He tells us that it is time to eat then starts eating
a donut and continues to talk. Okerlund is losing it as Muraco is talking with
a donut hanging out of his mouth. He spits it back into his Dunkin Donut box as
Okerlund is about to lose it. After that, Bobby Heenan and Ken Patera walk out.
Patera kisses his bicep as Okerlund almost loses it then tells Patera that it
is ridiculous. Heenan runs down the training schedule of Patera and Studd
before saying that Studd was not slammed by Andre and that he will not get the
money but rather the rest of the donuts.


Bruno and Vince recap the show. In action next week are
Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo and Jimmy Snuka.


Final Thoughts: Fun
show. They continue to focus on the tag team division and have done a great job
in building up suspense for when Orndorff returns. We haven’t seen any Hogan or
Mr. T since WrestleMania. This was the last show of the TV taping that took
place before WrestleMania. The WWF actually took off two weeks after Mania,
then resumed business as usual afterwards.

Impact Wrestling – October 17, 2013

October 17, 2013
Cox Business Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mike Tenay, Taz
the go home show for Bound for Glory and the card is almost entirely
set. The focus of the show will likely be just polishing everything
up and giving us the hard push to Sunday. Odds are we’ll also get
some development on the Dixie Is Evil story which seems to be where
we’re headed after the big show. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of last week’s events with Angle returning and
Sting angering Magnus by getting the pin in their tag match.
Dixie to open the show, flanked by two goons with one carrying a
briefcase. She talks about being an artist like Michelangelo but she
has to deal with a redneck like AJ Styles slinging paint everywhere.
This coming Sunday is going to be her masterpiece but she what if AJ
doesn’t make it there? The fans chant WE WANT HOGAN as Dixie offers
a $50,000 bounty to anyone that can keep AJ out of the main event of
Bound For Glory.
brings out Bully and Brooke with Bully saying that he took out AJ
last week so he’d be glad to do it again for the $50,000 (clearly
fake money in the briefcase). Cue Magnus to say that 12 men over 3
months fought for a chance to be the #1 contender, but now the title
shot might go to whomever takes out AJ Styles tonight.
starts a Dixie Sucks chant and says that $50,000 is a lot of money to
him, but he’ll fight Bully Ray right here tonight for free. Ray
praises Magnus and says that Sting believes in him, but Magnus hasn’t
proven himself yet. He’s a disappointment, just like everyone else
in Oklahoma. Magnus drops him with one punch and Ray bails to the
floor. The match is on for later tonight.
gives Bischoff and Knux a pep talk. Things seem to be ok and if Knux
needs Ray’s help in his match with Gunner tonight, just throw up the
Daniels vs. Robbie E. vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young
winner of this gets the final spot for his team in the gauntlet match
on the preshow with the winning team getting a title shot at the PPV.
Robbie and Young get us going but Young tags in Hernandez for the
slingshot shoulder to E. Robbie brings in Daniels who has to escape
the over the shoulder backbreaker but gets caught in the choke suplex
for two. A cheap shot from Robbie takes Hernandez to the floor
before he comes in legally and gets two off a middle rope elbow.
comes back with a double clothesline to take down Daniels and Robbie,
allowing for the tag off to Eric. Daniels and Robbie get in an
argument (despite not being a team), allowing Hernandez to do the
running clothesline from the ramp. Hernandez misses a splash in the
corner and falls out to the floor before Eric suplexes Daniels down.
Robbie makes a blind tag in and pins Daniels off the top rope elbow
from Young at 5:18.
D+. This might as well have
been a tag match until the ending which is about all you can expect
out of something like this. Odds are we’re getting Chavo and
Hernandez vs. Gunner/Storm because that’s the least interesting match
out of the options available. Nothing match but it wasn’t too bad.
fights off Jesse Godderz.
AJ to the ring with something to say. He talks about Dixie being
desperate by sending everyone after him because she knows he’s
winning at Bound For Glory. She’ll pay after the PPV but tonight, he
isn’t running and hiding so come get paid. This brings out Knux and
Bischoff but AJ jumps them as they come in. This brings out James
Storm and Gunner to clear the ring with Storm staring AJ down but
letting him go.
vs. Knux
immediately grabs Gunner’s leg to give Knux the early advantage.
Gunner comes back with a hard clothesline and pounds away, only to be
sent into the middle buckle to stop him cold. Another clothesline
puts Gunner down before Knux drives him into the corner. Gunner
finally slams him into the corner before a double clothesline puts
both guys down. Storm spits beer in Bischoff’s face as Gunner makes
his comeback and hits a decent fallaway slam on the big Knux. He
can’t hook the Gun Rack so Knux gets two off a cross body of all
things. Knux calls for Bully, allowing Gunner to spear him down for
the pin at 5:03.
C-. Knux looked decent here,
but why aren’t Knux and Bischoff at least in the gauntlet match on
Sunday? It would at least give them something to do and add to the
match a bit. A four team gauntlet isn’t much to see but it could be
worse I guess. As long as Gunner doesn’t become the 194th
wrestler to use the spear I’ll be ok with him.
Sabin is going for the bounty.
and Bischoff want to know where Bully was. It’s going to be
interesting the next time he wants their help.
recap Lei’D Tapa’s attacks on the Knockouts.
Kim suggests an alliance with Brooke to take care of Tapa but she’s
not interested.
on the Ultimate X match.
asks a security guard if he’s seen the not-so-Phenomenal AJ Styles
but finds Joe instead. Joe threatens him with violence both tonight
and Sunday so Sabin backs away.
Sabin vs. Samoa Joe
takes him into the corner to start but gets poked in the eye to slow
him down. A flurry of punches take Sabin down in turn and there’s a
running elbow into the standing enziguri. Sabin bails to the floor
to avoid the running boot in the corner before firing off chops and
punches with Joe selling nothing at all.
tries to bail but Joe grabs him on the ramp, only to have Chris slam
him onto the steel. Joe dives back in to beat the count at nine and
catches a charging Sabin in a release Rock Bottom out of the corner.
A boot to the chest and the backsplash gets two for Joe but Sabin
comes back with a springboard tornado DDT for two. Not that it
matters as Joe grabs a quick Koquina Clutch for the win at 5:17.
C. Nice match here to preview
the big title match on Sunday but a bit more high flying would have
helped. Granted these aren’t the best choices for flying given that
Sabin is a heel and that Joe is fat, but it wasn’t a bad match at
all. Sabin is rocking the heel character so at least his world title
reign was only mostly worthless.
match Aries, Hardy and Manik come in for a big brawl. Hardy pulls in
a ladder, allowing Manik to dive onto Aries and Sabin.
Influence goes after AJ but he holds them off with a fire
Carter III debuts at Bound For Glory.
Ray vs. Magnus
of course. Feeling out process to start with Magnus grabbing a
headlock for early control. Ray shoves him away but gets
clotheslined, allowing Magnus to go up top and get crotched as we
take a break. Back with Ray throwing Magnus down and posing a lot
before missing a big elbow drop. They’re going very lightly here so
wins a quick slugout and clotheslines Bully down to speed things up a
bit. A big boot puts Ray down and the top rope elbow gets two.
Magnus charges into the referee by mistake so Ray gets the chain,
drawing out Sting for the save. The referee throws Sting out,
allowing Ray to low blow Magnus for the pin at 10:42.
D. This was really boring stuff
and the ending was never in doubt. Obviously you can’t put anyone
over the world champion three days before the biggest show of the
year but it did advance the Sting vs. Magnus story a bit more. I’m
guessing they were going slowly to avoid any injuries for Sunday,
which is a constant problem with go home shows.
isn’t pleased with Sting but they don’t come to blows.
break Magnus yells at Sting for getting in his business. Sting says
he’ll be alone on Sunday.
run down the BFG card.
Angle with his first comments since being back. Kurt says it’s good
to be home before talking about Bobby Roode being great. He even
reminds Angle of himself about five years ago. However, Roode is
just one of the great ones at the moment rather than being one of the
best of all time. When Roode starts messing with Angle’s legacy,
that makes it personal. This brings out Roode to says he’s ok with
not being Kurt Angle. Roode says he wanted to be Kurt Angle years
ago but now, Angle hasn’t done anything at all.
only thing Roode remembers Angle doing recently was beating Roode two
years ago at Bound For Glory. That was Roode’s wakeup call and the
reason he won the world title which he held longer than anyone,
including Angle. Roode says he’ll win on Sunday but Angle says he’ll
make Roode tap. Roode sucker punches Kurt and here’s the rest of EGO
to send Angle shoulder first into the post. Angle gets put in the
Crossface to damage his shoulder even worse.
are Dixie, AJ and Ray for the contract signing. Ray signs and says
he’ll keep it simple: AJ can’t beat him no matter what he does on
Sunday. He talks about Flair vs. Rhodes from 1985 and the Hard Times
that Dusty talked about Flair putting wrestling through. Ray has put
wrestling through hard times over the last year by getting rid of
Sting, Sabin and Hogan. Ray is going to put AJ on hard times and
send him back to the trailer park in Georgia, where AJ’s family
probably won’t be waiting. He’s the Darth Vader of professional
wrestling and AJ isn’t Luke Skywalker.
says he appreciates Ray’s story but he’s no Ric Flair and AJ is no
Dusty Rhodes. This is the future instead of the past and Ray doesn’t
deserve to compare himself to Bully Ray. AJ has to win on Sunday
because he has nothing to lose. He has to win to make Dixie beg and
take everything away from Bully Ray. AJ signs but Ray says he takes
it back. He’s not putting the title on the line but he will take the
$50,000 right now. Ray swings the chain but gets hit with the
briefcase. AJ throws the money at Dixie and her security so a
staredown can end the show.
C. The show did a good
job of selling what Bound For Glory has to offer, but the show really
doesn’t have a flare to it. This Sunday’s show feels like any other
show but it happens to be the biggest show of the year. Nothing on
it feels really special and the big moment is going to be what?
Hogan returning? After nearly four years of sitting through him, two
weeks of no Hogan doesn’t make a return mean anything. Decent show
tonight but it doesn’t change how I feel about Sunday at all.
E. b. Eric Young, Hernandez and Christopher Daniels – Robbie pinned
Daniels after a top rope elbow from Young
b. Knux – Spear
Joe b. Chris Sabin – Koquina Clutch
Ray b. Magnus – Low blow

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WWF Championship Wrestling April 13th, 1985

April 13, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

This week, in action are Big John Studd & Ken Patera. Plus, Ricky Steamboat, King Kong Bundy, Greg Valentine and David Sammartino. We will also see clips of the Women’s Title match from WrestleMania.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart vs. Doc Butler

Doc looks fairly young and is in decent shape. He also has one of the hairiest chests I have ever seen. Valentine knocks him down and hits a few kneedrops. He hits a gutbuster and a scoop slam then goes to work on the arm. Valentine tosses him to the floor and McMahon mocks Hart’s voice, which actually got Bruno to laugh. I dont mention it much in my reviews but Bruno was pretty useless on commentary. He only spoke when asked something by Vince. Valentine beats on Butler then tosses him back in for some more punishment before applying the figure four and the win (3:41).

Thoughts: This went on a bit too long but Valentine squash matches were good around this time so it was fine. Vince made it a point on commentary to mention how annoying Hart sounds.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, we get an update on Hillbilly Jim. We are told that he is out of the hospital after suffering torn ligaments in his knee at the hands of Brutus Beefcake. We are show still photos of Jim on crutches as Hayes lets us know that Jim will be back in the ring between 4-6 months. That injury really cost Jim in the long run.

Dave Barbie vs. David Sammartino

Barbie jumps Sammartino before the bell. Sammartino fights back and boots him down. He hits a few suplexes then chops him against the ropes before getting the win with a powerslam (1:00).

Thoughts: Sammartino got a few cheers at the beginning but the push isnt working. He did hit some nice power moves though. He didnt look the part of a wrestling star and did not have anywear near the amount of charisma as his father so the fans didnt care about him.

The camera pans to the crowd and shows various fans who are either wearing WWF merchandise or holding up programs. A lot of shots featuring fans wearing the “Hulkamania” hats too. This is the hardest push on merchandise I have seen on these shows at this point.

Gene Okerlund is with the British Bulldogs. Davey says that they are cousins as Dynamite calls out the tag champs, Sheik & Volkoff. Not much of an interview.

Aldo Marino vs. King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart

The crowd is all over Bundy, which is a great sign for a guy who debuted a month ago. Bundy grinds Marino into the mat then chops him in the corner. Bruno goes on about Bundy’s physique then tells us while in Japan, Bundy wrestled five guys at once. Bundy hits the Avalanche then finishes off Marino with a knee drop, making the referee count to five (2:38)

Thoughts: Bundy continues to impress. The fans react well to him too. Its clear that he will be a major player very shortly.

Gene Okerlund is with Ricky Steamboat, who was apparently between workouts. He has Ricky about the talent in the WWF as Steamboat mentions how on magazines and TV news, you see the WWF. He then gives a message to everyone that conditioning is what makes you get to the top. Okerlund asks about the South Pacific Connection, his team with Jimmy Snuka, as Steamboat tells the tag division to take notice. This interview was pretty bad but they did try to establish his team with Snuka.

Ricky Steamboat vs. Rusty Brooks

Steamboat hits a few armdrags but runs into a clothesline. Brooks hits a dropkick, which is impressive for a short obese man, but gets taken down with a hip toss. Steamboat gets two off a throat thrust but Brooks fights back. Steamboat then chops him down and goes back to work on the arm. He takes him down with a forearm smash to the chest. Brooks fights back and they mess up a float over so Steamboat hits a few dropkicks the goes up top and hits a splash for the win (3:03). Vince makes it a point to mention that he used the same move as Snuka.

Thoughts:  These guys were not on the same page. The main point of the match though was to establish that Steamboat and Snuka were a solid team. That is tough to do without Snuka present.

Piper’s Pit with Roddy Piper and Bob Orton. This takes place in the locker room. Piper mentions how they never lost at anything before then Piper goes on about how he had no idea that Orndorff had no guts. Orton said that Orndorff didnt have the strength to go on as Piper said that no one wants to fight them and they are victorious. With the heels bashing Orndorff, its clear that they will have an altercation sooner or later.

We are shown the last few minutes of the Women’s Title match at WrestleMania between Wendi Richter and Leilani Kai. Richter regained the belt after rolling through a crossbody. It was a bad match.

Jim Young & Joe Mirto vs. Ken Patera & Big John Studd w/Bobby Heenan

The crowd starts up with a “weasel” chant  towards Heenan. Studd tosses around both men then tags Patera. Vince says that Patera is upset that his bench press record had been beaten as he tosses Young around the ring. Young continues to get destroyed by both men, who are frequently tagging in and out. Mirto finally tags and lands a few shots on Patera but ends up getting destroyed in the corner. The crowd chants for Andre as Studd pulls up Mirto before the three count. Patera suplexes Mirto then Studd drops the elbow for the win (4:45).

Thoughts: Long match but the crowd didnt mind, as they hate Heenan and Studd and love Andre.

Okerlund is with Jimmy Hart and two of his clients, Jim Neidhart and King Kong Bundy. Hart said that Valentine told him to go after these guys. Neidhart then screams about how he and Bundy are in great shape and no one else can do anything about that. Bundy says that he should be in the ring with a minimum of two men at a time then calls out a few of the face tag-teams. Okerlund mentions the five count and Bundy says that is because it leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that you have been defeated. Okerlund asks if they will be teaming together and Hart casually mentions that they probably will then says that his men are ready.

Next week, we will have a special feature on Hillbilly Jim from his home in Kentucky. Also, the debut of the team of Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart (not called the Hart Foundation). Plus, Don Muraco, the Junkyard Dog, and the British Bulldogs will be in action.

Thoughts: I thought this was a fun show. They continue to shape up the post-WrestleMania feuds as they ride their wave of mianstream popularity. They are focusing on newer stars such as Steamboat, Bundy, and the British Bulldogs. Also, they had a really intriguing episode of Piper’s Pit and are starting to build up their tag team division. 

WWF Championship Wrestling April 6th, 1985

April 6th, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action this week are Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog, Ricky Steamboat, Don Muraco, and the returning British Bulldogs. Also, we will get to see a match from WrestleMania

A.J. Petruzzi & Matt Borne vs. British Bulldogs
The Bulldogs returned after a several moth absence. Borne and Dynamite go back-and-forth in a nice, fast-paced sequence. Davey and Petruzzi tag in and trade hammerlocks. Davey gets a slam and tags Dynamite, who hits a missile dropkick. He hits a snap suplex then drops an elbow. After a backbreaker he tags Davey, who grabs a side headlock. He hits a running powerslam then Borne comes in and Davey picks him up in a fireman’s carry and tags Dynamite, who climbs up top then jumps off the back of Borne and hits Petruzzi with a diving headbutt for the win (3:39). The fans went crazy for that finish.
Thoughts: The Bulldogs were unlike any other team in the WWF at the time. Dynamite also was unlike just about any other worker in the United States at the time. The Bulldogs looked great and this was an awesome way to re-introduce themselves to the WWF audience.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. He lets us know that Paul Orndorff is pissed after what happened to him at WrestleMania. He shoots it over to Mean Gene, who tells us that Orndorff was angry at being left behind in the ring and says that he guesses he has no friends after all.
Don Muraco vs. Billy Mack
Once again, Fuji is absent. Mack has the physique you get from working out in prison. Muraco is billed as 270 lbs by McMahon. Muraco beats on Mack, targeting the neck and back. He uses a nerve hold then a slam as this match is dragging. Mack fights back but ends up running into a dropkick. Muraco hits a gordbuster then finishes him off with a tombstone (2:57).
Thoughts: A fairly dull squash but that might have been part of Muraco settling into his “beach bum” persona.
Okerlund is with Tito Santana. He says that Valentine has to use outside help or run away in order to keep his title. He then promises Valentine that he will get him back into the ring and regain his title.
Jose Luis Rivera & Aldo Marino vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/Jimmy Hart & Luscious Johnny Valiant
The crowd starts a “Tito” chant aimed at Valentine. Rivera slams Valentine then works the arm. Valentine comes back with a clothesline and a shoulderbreaker. Beefcake tags and stomps away. Valentine hammers away behind the ref’s back from the outside. The heels use quick tags to beat on Rivera, who fights back. Marino tags in and slugs away but runs into a knee on a charge. Valentine slams Marino then tags Beefcake, who puts him away with a running knee smash (2:37).
Thoughts: An odd pairing, especially with both managers present. At this time, it was rare for a singles title holder to team up with someone else. They seemed okay together though.
Okerlund is backstage. He says we will find out what happened at WrestleMania later on but does let us know that Andre the Giant is not retired. He brings out Muraco then asks him about Fuji. He tells us that he is taking care of his harem. He then tells Okerlund that he can thank him for ruining his marriage by saying he told everyone that he was fooling around and acting crazy. Muraco tells us that darkness is spreading across the country and if untreated, the fungus runs rampant. A wacky interview.
Jim Haley vs. Ricky Steamboat
Haley attacks Steamboat from behind and gets a backdrop. Steamboat comes back with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick before working the arm. Vince shits on Haley’s physique, he has a huge gut, as he rakes the eyes of Steamboat. Haley misses a charge in the corner and Steamboat hits a back suplex before getting the win with a flying body press (3:08).
Thoughts: The crowd is becoming more receptive towards Steamboat. At this point, he needs a feud to take him to another level. That will happen soon enough.
Piper’s Pit with Big John Studd. It takes place in the locker room at MSG. They all look glum. Piper talks up Studd, who gets angry and says that Andre made a fool out of him. Studd said that he never slammed him and he should go back to France.
The Tag Team Championship match from WrestleMania is shown joined-in-progress. We see the last half of the match.
Bob Wade & Rusty Brooks vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog
Tito is sporting black trunks, which was unusual for faces at the time. JYD headbutts Brooks then works the arm. He and Tito use quick tags to beat on Brooks. JYD hits his crawling headbutts then Wade tags into the match. Tito tags and knocks around both guys before working the arm of Wade. JYD tags and gives them the double noggin-knocker. Tito tags and gets worked on by both guys but fights out and tags JYD. He nails Wade with a clothesline then tags Tito, who puts him in the figure-four, getting the win (3:53). Now, after every match JYD dances with a fan and that makes Vince happy. On this occasion, JYD pulls an older lady out of the crowd and Vince goes insane, just screaming “GET DOWN GRANDMA!!!!” as he dances with her briefly.
Thoughts: Tito showed a lot of aggression out there and had a different look with the black trunks but that was about it here. The rest of the match was dull.
Okerlund is hosting the “Manager’s Forum,” with Jimmy Hart, Johnny Valiant, and Bobby Heenan. Valiant runs down the outfit of everyone, Heenan looks disgusted at him and after reviewing his shoot interview, it was clear that he hated this guy. Valiant rambles on about the Air Force and how they are cheap like Capt. Lou Albano. This goes on for way too long, Heenan makes a green card joke about Santana then said that the only thing missing at a Mexican picnic is jumper cables, and the segment ends. The gist of all this is that the managers hate and are jealous of Albano.
Bruno and Vince run down next week’s show. We will see the Women’s Title match from WrestleMania. Also, we will see King Kong Bundy, Greg Valentine, Ricky Steamboat, Big John Studd & Ken Patera, and David Sammartino. Plus, a special update on Paul Orndorff.
Final Thoughts: Well, the Bulldogs returned and looked awesome. Also, they show us some of the fallout from WrestleMania and the feuds that will be continuing. Another key thing is the status of Orndorff, who by the report given to us by Okerlund, hinted at not wanting to be aligned with Piper or Orton anymore. I thought this was a fine show overall

Impact Wrestling – October 10, 2013

October 10, 2013
Cox Business Area, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

at the final TV taping before Bound For Glory, meaning we have tonight
and next week to go. The main stories coming into tonight are Hogan
being gone and AJ Styles challenging Bully Ray for the title in
whichever order you pick. Last week saw a lot of the midcard being
filled in for the show so perhaps we’ll get even more this week.
Let’s get to it.

Dixie to open things up. She talks about someone leaving last week
and how we’re never to mention that person’s name again. Dixie
doesn’t need anyone to tell her what to do, not even Stephanie
LeVesque or Eric Bischoff. As for AJ Styles, last week he snuck back
into the arena after she threw him out, so tonight Bully Ray can put
him in any match he wants.
Dixie can go anywhere else, here’s Sting with something to say.
Dixie sucks up to him a bit before saying that even he is under
review at this point. Sting suggested Hogan for the GM spot in the
first place and now he’s making matches for Bound For Glory on his
own. Therefore, tonight it’s Magnus/Sting vs. Bad Influence and if
the good guys lose, neither are on the pay per view. Good luck!
Aries says he’s a professional wrestler and doesn’t need to hide
behind a crowd like Jeff does.
Aries vs. Jeff Hardy
out process to start with Jeff taking Aries down but not being able
to do anything more than that. Aries comes back with an armdrag to
take Jeff to the mat, only to have to fight out of a headscissors. A
dropkick to the back of Jeff’s head gets two and a bulldog out of the
corner gets the same. Jeff comes back with the sitout jawbreaker and
a headscissors to send Aries to the outside. A clothesline off the
apron drops Aries as we take a break.
with Jeff missing a charge in the corner to give Aries his first real
advantage. Jeff is sent to the outside for a BIG top rope ax handle
to the head to send him sprawling across the floor. Another ax
handle sends Jeff into the barricade and we head back inside. Jeff
avoids a missile dropkick and starts his comeback, only to get caught
in a neckbreaker.
goes up top again and connects with the missile dropkick but its
running cousin is countered by Jeff’s raised boots. Jeff clips Aries
over but can’t get the Twist. Whisper in the Wind drops Aries but he
crotches Jeff to break up the Swanton. A super brainbuster is enough
for the pin at 14:18.
B. Really solid main event
style match here with both guys using their big moves throughout
because that’s all they could do to hurt the other guy. Hardy losing
clean is still a pretty big deal as he’s still the biggest start TNA
has, so points to Aries for such a big win. Good stuff here and one
of TNA’s best matches in awhile.
match here’s Samoa Joe to congratulate Aries on his win. However,
there’s some bad news for Aries as well: he’s entering the Ultimate X
match at Bound For Glory as well.
Bro Mans make fun of each other for their bad losses but Jesse says
he’s getting rid of their biggest problem next. They TOTALLY get
chicks too bro.
Park and Eric Young are going on a road trip to Bound For Glory.
They immediately stop because ODB has a match tonight.
Godderz vs. ODB
immediately in the comedy match formula as Jesse, Robbie and Eric are
shoved face first into ODB’s chest. A rollup gets two on Jesse but
Robbie trips up ODB to give Jesse control. Eric and Robbie fight up
the ramp and into the back and here’s Lei’D Tapa to run over ODB for
the DQ at 2:00.
lays out ODB with a fireman’s carry into a Stunner.
and Bischoff yell at Bully for ruining the club. Ray blames Anderson
for the troubles because Anderson stopped protecting the title. Knux
says Anderson didn’t have to piledrive Anderson the stage which Ray
seems to agree with. Ray says the two of them can prove how great
they are tonight by beating AJ Styles. The lackeys seem pleased.
thanks Sting for their confrontation last week. Sting says Bound For
Glory is the biggest show of the year and it’s been very good to him
over the years. This year it’s going to be good to Magnus.
Influence doesn’t like being interrupted (Kaz: “You cannot see the
Wizard!”) and insist Roode’s induction into the EGO Hall of Fame
will be amazing.
are Daniels and Kazarian in powder blue and neon orange tuxedos and
top hats respectively. They’re dressed in the colors of the Mafia to
show what frauds they are. Speaking of frauds, other Halls of Fame
have their own frauds, but EGO isn’t one of them. Therefore, here is
the man that once got busy in Tim Horton’s bathroom: Bobby Roode.
There’s a big wooden throne for Roode to sit on and a nice portrait
of him standing next to it.
has slaved over a hot computer all week to produce a video for him.
It’s a completely over the top video with various people praising
Roode with absolutely no audio editing whatsoever. Not a bit.
Daniels says that unlike Sting, Roode deserves to be in the Hall of
Fame. Roode is indeed the prime minister of suave and debonaire, so
please stand for him right now.
thanks Kaz and Daniels but gets all choked up halfway through.
There’s one person that needs to be honored above everyone else
though: Bobby Roode himself. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame
unlike Kurt Angle, who hasn’t done anything at all lately. Where is
Angle now? Before Roode can answer that, here’s Angle live in
person, looking more chiseled than he has in years. Bad Influence
both get suplexes and Roode loses a shoe bailing from the ankle lock.
Obviously it’s Angle vs. Roode at BFG.
is furious post break.
Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher
has taped up ribs but still does the bouncing entrance. Sabin blocks
the pigeons though. This is for the title shot at BFG, which
apparently will involve Gail Kim as well. Brooke goes for the bad
ribs but gets taken down by a shoulder block. Velvet stomps her down
in the corner but misses a charge, allowing Brooke to fire off a kick
to the bad ribs. A Russian legsweep stops Brooke’s comeback but
hurts the ribs again. Velvet is sent to the floor for more work on
the ribs but comes back with a clothesline and bulldog for two.
Sabin offers Velvet some tips, only to cause her to get rolled up for
the pin at 3:52.
C-. Believe it or not this
wasn’t too bad. Brooke does her job well enough but she’s out there
for her looks and that’s about it. The interesting thing out there
was Velvet’s selling, as she did a better job with the rib injury
than almost anyone I’ve seen in months. Not a bad match at all.
promo. He’s still coming.
run down the BFG card.
Influence vs. Sting/Magnus
the Mafia loses, they’re off Bound For Glory and lose their
contracts. Daniels peppers Magnus with forearms to start but gets
caught in a qucik suplex. Off to Sting for a double back elbow to
Daniels and a hiptoss to Kaz. We get some miscommunication between
Sting and Magnus to give Bad Influence control as we take a break.
Back with Bad Influence in control on Magnus and Kaz getting two off
a dropkick.
fans still want Sting but get Daniels driving Magnus down with a knee
to the chest for two instead. We hit the chinlock for a bit before
Kaz gets two off a slingshot legdrop. He spits at Sting to allow a
non-tag change off to Daniels. Off to another chinlock but Magnus
fights back with right hands and a running clothesline. Hot tag
brings in Sting to clean house before Magnus hits the top rope elbow
on Kaz to set up the Cloverleaf, only to have Daniels make the save.
Everything breaks down and Sting hits the Death Drop for the pin on
Daniels at 11:00.
C. This was fine but was more
about the angle than the match. Magnus being upset by Sting getting
the fall due to his own mistake is a fine idea and sets up the PPV
match well enough. I’m hoping they put Magnus over at BFG as Sting
doesn’t need the win, but there’s a good chance that’s where they’re
offers AJ a big check to walk away but Styles says he can’t be bought
and rips up the check.
Styles vs. Knux/Garret Bischoff
takes Tenay’s commentary spot. AJ starts off fast and beats up
Bischoff like he’s the son of an executive that has no business being
in the ring with a multiple time world champion. AJ drops a knee and
pounds away in the corner but Garrett makes a blind tag off to Knux.
Styles is dropped throat first over the top rope and catapulted
throat first into the middle rope for two. Back to Garrett for a lot
of posing and a butterfly suplex for no cover.
comes back in but misses a middle rope legdrop. Everything breaks
down and AJ hits the springboard forearm on Knux. After
miscommunication from the bikers, AJ gets a very awkward looking
rollup (looked like a powerslam minus the power or the slam) for the
pin on Garret at 4:43.
D+. This is a match where the
result was never in doubt but that’s the way things should have gone.
AJ gets to look good while taking out the champion’s lackeys,
setting up BFG a little bit better. That’s what this story should
have been the entire time, but if we have to sacrifice a good build
for the sake of getting rid of Aces and 8’s then so be it.
match Ray comes in and whips AJ with the chain before backdropping
him onto the ramp. Lots of trash talk ends the show.
C+. This was one of
their better shows in a good while with a nice mix of action,
storylines and comedy. As usual, it’s remarkable how much better
things get when there’s no Hogan around for his way over the top
drama. It’s also nice to see the PPV main event getting some direct
focus which has been lacking for such a long time. Good show this
week which is a good sign.
Aries b. Jeff Hardy – Super brainbuster
b. Jesse Godderz via DQ when Lei’D Tapa interfered
Adams b. velvet Sky – Rollup
Styles b. Knux/Garrett Bischoff – Rollup to Bischoff
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WWF Championship Wrestling March 30th 1985

March 30, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action for today are Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, King Kong Bundy, Ricky Steamboat, Don Muraco, and Greg Valentine. Plus, the final training session before WrestleMania between Mr. T and Hulk Hogan.
Jim Haley & “Playboy” Buddy Rose vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano

Albano is really out of place as a face manager. He is just emotionless. Rose and Rotundo trade arm wringers to start. Rotundo wins a battle on the mat and works the arm as the crowd starts chanting “fat boy” at Rose. Rose gets a slam but misses a top rope elbow drop. Hot tag to Windham and he dropkicks Harley. Rotundo tags then gets Harley in the airplane spin for the win (3:23).

Thoughts: Decent match. Rotundo and Rose worked well together. The crowd still goes nuts when “Born to the USA” plays.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. The subject this week is the Junkyard Dog. Hayes puts over JYD for his charisma then we see a clip of him dancing with kids in the ring. JYD apparently promises to take the Intercontinental Title from Greg Valentine at WrestleMania.

Paul Roma vs. King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart

Bundy destroys Roma in the corner. He drops a knee then kills him with a clothesline. He destroys him some more before hitting the Avalanche then getting the win with the splash (1:48). Bundy then demands that the referee give him the five count.

Thoughts: Bundy looked solid as and the WWF is slowly building him up. You can tell that he will be near the top of the card shortly.

Gene Okerlund is backstage. He runs down the card for WrestleMania before we see a clip from him interviewing Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter from a different location. Lauper says that Kai is not half of the wrestler that Richter is and promises she will regain the title.

Rick Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat

Steamboat grounds Savage to start. Steamboat catches with a knee smash and a dropkick before applying an armbar. After boring the crowd for a minute, Savage fights back and catches Steamboat with a back elbow smash. Steamboat comes back with some hard chops that awake a few of the fans. After several more chops, Steamboat gets the win with a flying body press (3:38).

Thoughts: God, that was dull. Savage was a shitty wrestler and these two just did not work well at all. There was a “boring” chant from a few in the crowd and with good reason.

Okerlund is backstage, running down WrestleMania. He lists all of the celebrities then brings out Andre the Giant. He promises to slam Studd, win the $15,000 then go on a vacation somewhere. Andre sounded tanked.

Okerlund is with Liberace in his hotel room. Liberace is the time keeper for the main event and is looking forward to being there.

Don Muraco vs. Jim Powers

No Fuji this week. Muraco takes down Powers to start. Vince says that you will not be able to see WrestleMania on TV unless you are one of the select few with Pay-Per-View capabilities. Powers works the arm then gets a slam. He goes back to the arm but Muraco chops him down then hits the tombstone piledriver for the win (2:39).

Thoughts: They gave Powers quite a bit of offense and he looked okay I suppose. The fans were actually behind him. Muraco is in neutral right now. He has no feud since his return and was doing jobs to Hogan on the house show circuit.

A clip of Okerlund in the locker room at MSG is shown, telling us that WrestleMania can only be seen on closed-circuit TV.

Piper’s Pit with Bob Orton and Paul Orndorff. He brings out a toilet seat, which he refers to as the “hot seat” then puts it over a WrestleMania poster that features Mr. T and Hulk Hogan. Piper then says he doesn’t want to waste the hot seat on them and has special gifts for each one. Orndorff has a few bananas for Mr. T, calling him a “Souped-up Spider Monkey” then Piper rubs the bananas on the faces of both men, to the enjoyment of Orndorff. After that, Orndorff breaks eggs on the poster. Orton then takes out the set as Piper promises at WrestleMania, they will send them back where they belong, which is at a rest area. If this segment aired today, the WWE would lose half of their sponsors.

Mr. T and Hulk Hogan are training in New York. Hogan shows him the big buildings as Mr. T wants to go to Central Park and teach Hogan how to street fight. They are shown jogging through the park then use combat training. Hogan says he is ready for guerilla warfare then they train at the gym. After that, they are at the train with a crowd cheering for them. At the end, they said that they are all ready to use any means possible to win. Although corny today, this is the stuff that the fans ate up in this era.

Pete Pompeii vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart

Valentine comes out to entrance music, which sounds like generic 80’s rock music. Valentine slams Pompeii then grabs a headlock. Pompeii gets a bit of basic offense in but runs into a knee then gets tossed outside. A few “boring” chants break out as Valentine puts Pompeii in another headlock. Pompeii fights back but runs into another knee. Suplex gets two. He hits a gutbuster then goes to work on the leg before putting on the figure-four leg lock, getting the win via submission (4:35).

Thoughts: A bit too long for a squash match. McMahon kept calling Pompeii “Pompell,” so I guess someone couldn’t write their “I’s” very well. I never heard this theme music before and it didn’t fit Valentine at all. It was too upbeat for a heel to use.

Okerlund is backstage with Capt. Lou Albano and the tag team champions, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo. Barry hopes that WrestleMania is shown in Iran so they can see them hold the Iron Sheik hostage.

Bruno and Vince run down WrestleMania before running down next week’s show. Vince says that next week, the British Bulldogs will make their return to the WWF.

Final Thoughts: The show did a great job as the last show before Mania. They hyped the show and key feuds well. They really made you want to see this show, which was like nothing else ever seen before. The matches weren’t that bad but the crowd was dead, which happened a lot during the last show of a taping. I also plan to put up a review of the last ever WWF show on TBS, which aired on 3/30, either tonight or tomorrow before posting by review of WrestleMania.

Impact Wrestling – October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013
Verizon Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
still in Arkansas and the main story is still Dixie Carter vs. Hulk
Hogan, despite us only having three more Impacts until the biggest
show of the year. Tonight is about Hogan’s decision on whether or
not to join Dixie’s side in whatever she thinks she’s doing. If
we’re lucky we might even get Bully and AJ in the same ring for the
first time for the build to their match. Let’s get to it.

open with the customary recap of last week’s events.
AJ to address the crowd. He can appreciate Hogan trying to come out
here last week and smooth things over, but then Dixie Carter came out
and showed her true colors. AJ isn’t here to talk about Dixie or
Hogan though. Instead he wants to talk about his opponent at Bound
For Glory. What a refreshing idea. He knows exactly who Bully Ray
is: the man that he’ll beat at Bound For Glory for the world title.
Styles doesn’t have a contract right now and hasn’t even looked at
the world title in over a year. He’s coming to get what’s his at
Bound For Glory, but here’s Bully Ray to object.
says Dixie is in AJ’s head because AJ is just hoping to win. If AJ
was really in the game, he would know that he’s going to win rather
than just hoping. AJ doesn’t have to worry about Dixie in San Diego
though, because Bully will give him all he can handle. Look at what
Ray has done to people like Hogan, Hardy or D-Von. What do you think
he’ll do to a guy like Styles? AJ knows who he is: the man that beat
AJ in a last man standing match two years ago. AJ has one thing Ray
wants: he wants to take Styles away from the fans. Bully is sick of
hearing the fans chant AJ, and there’s the chant again.
says that Bully is just like Dixie Carter, but Ray takes that as a
compliment. Dixie is a millionaire and a somebody while Bully is a
millionaire and the World Heavyweight Champion. Ray goes OFF on AJ,
ranting about how he’s going to beat AJ into the ground and send him
back home to his trailer, wife and three kids. AJ thinks Ray is
going to get killed in his match tonight against Samoa Joe, which is
a surprise to Ray.
is going to run the EGO gauntlet tonight.
has AJ escorted out by security but he leaves on his own so he
doesn’t have to breathe the same air Dixie is breathing.
King/Chris Sabin vs. Manik/Jeff Hardy
Aries is on commentary. Manik and King get us going with Kenny
taking him into the corner for some choking by Sabin. Chris comes in
legally but the double team doesn’t work as King is caught in a
springboard hurricanrana to send him into the corner. Off to Jeff to
speed things up and hit a middle rope splash on King for two. Back
to Manik for something resembling an octopus hold on King before
rolling him up for two. King’s cut from last week has busted open
snaps Manik throat first across the top rope before bringing Sabin
back in for a basement dropkick. Manik is tied up in the Tree of Woe
so Sabin can stand on his crotch for some torture and a two count.
Back to King for some right hands before Sabin comes back in for some
choking in the corner.
runs into a boot in the corner and a middle rope dropkick (Aries:
“Right in the brain stem!”) puts Sabin down. Hardy comes in off
the hot tag and cleans house with the sitout gordbuster on King for
two. Sabin breaks up the Twist attempt on King as everything breaks
down. Manik sends Sabin to the floor and hits his double chicken
wing gutbuster on King, setting up the Swanton for the pin at 7:07.
C+. This was fine and set up
whatever match we’re going to see for the title at Bound For Glory.
Kenny King doesn’t really fit into the three former world champions
against the X-Division Champion but it’s not the worst idea in the
world. It could bring some blood into the division which has been
anemic for years now.
match Sabin goes after Manik but Aries makes the save. Austin asks
for a four way match with Manik, Sabin, Hardy and himself for the
title at Bound For Glory.
and Hogan have a legends powwow about what Hogan should do. Hulk
declares Dixie worse than Bischoff before a girl delivers a gift from
Dixie. It’s a watch, the same one that Dixie gave Sting as a
retirement gift. Hogan: “She is worse than Bischoff. He never
gave me anything.”
look at EGO jumping Magnus last week. Later in the night Sting asked
Magnus what happened. Magnus says they’re in his head and he wants
all three of them on his own next week (tonight). He’s icing his
knee but says it’s just tweeked.
vs. Magnus
a gauntlet match with Daniels up first. Magnus jumps Daniels in the
corner but Chris comes back with elbows to the neck. Daniels gets
shouldered down and asks for a breather, only to get kicked in the
ribs for his efforts. Chris goes to the throat to slow the Brit down
before bulldogging him throat first on the top rope. We hit the
chinlock for a bit before Daniels can’t hit Angel’s Wings. Magnus
comes back with a clothesline but jumps into the Koji Clutch. He’s
right next to the ropes though so Daniels goes up for the BME, only
to land on Magnus’ bad leg. The Falcon’s Arrow eliminates Daniels at
is up next and Magnus doesn’t wait for him to get to the ring. We
take a break and come back with Kazarian raking the eyes to escape a
press slam. A dropkick puts Magnus down again for two but he comes
back with right hands out of the corner. Magnus punches him down and
drops the top rope elbow for two. He goes up but gets kicked in the
chest, only to roll through Fade to Black into the Cloverleaf for the
submission at 12:37 total.
up is Bobby Roode but Kaz clips Magnus’ knee and crunches it in
between his own legs. Roode goes after the leg as we take a break.
Back with Roode still working on the knee like a smart heel would.
Roode can’t get a figure four, allowing Magnus to fight up and hit
another Falcon’s Arrow for a quick two. He tries the Cloverleaf
again but can’t sit down on it like he should.
punches at the bad leg to escape but gets shoved off during a
superplex attempt. Magnus misses the top rope elbow and gets caught
in the Crossface. Just as he’s about to make the rope, Roode pulls
him back and puts on an ankle lock with a grapevine for the
submission at 23:08.
B-. This match was more long
than good but the idea was right. You can’t have Magnus beat all
three guys in a row on a bad leg so the ending was the right call.
This came off a bit like Benoit vs. Angle at the 2003 Rumble where
Benoit didn’t so much get beat as much as he got caught. Very good
showing by Magnus here which is what he needed at this point.
is mad post match but here’s Sting with something to say. The Brit
won’t listen to reason so Sting says let’s go to the back and talk
about this. Magnus says no with all due respect because he’s had
enough. He says everyone in the Mafia sees something in him but it’s
not really there. Sting, Joe and Kurt all passed the challenges
given to him but Magnus has failed every time.
tries to calm him down but Magnus says he doesn’t need another pep
talk. Magnus says this is a results driven business but he’s not
getting the results. Sting talks about needing the one big match and
he got it with Ric Flair but Magnus cuts him off. He saw the Flair
match with his own eyes and has been watching Sting his whole career.
Magnus was one step away from Bound For Glory but now who puts him
on the map? Sting says he’ll do it at BFG and they shake hands.
has a present for Hogan too: vegan vitamins. Maybe even a prayer or
two would help Hogan make the right decision. Aries talks about
Hogan doing the right thing over his entire career and says tonight
is all black and white.
on Hogan’s history in TNA.
won’t be at ringside for Velvet’s match tonight because he has to
focus on his match at Bound For Glory.
recap the gauntlet match.
celebrates their win by singing their version of Roode’s theme song.
They’re happy because Magnus is off somewhere crying. Also Roode is
going to be the first inductee into the EGO Hall of Fame with the
ceremony next week. It’s going to be a black tie affair with
everyone dressed to the nines. Kaz: “Let’s make it to the tens!”
Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky
gets a title shot at BFG. Before the match here’s Lei’D Tapa to
destroy Velvet so no match.
get our first clip of Ethan who appears to be at a Hollywood store
shopping but doesn’t seem impressed. We can’t see his face.
recap Gunner and Storm’s run as tag champions.
for Glory card.
on Angle’s career.
Joe vs. Bully Ray
is apparently one of AJ’s Band of Brothers, because if there’s one
thing TNA needs it’s another group. They shove each other around to
start with Ray running his mouth too much and getting shoved out of
the corner. Joe pounds away in the corner but misses a knee drop,
only to put on the standing choke. Ray escapes and grabs the chain,
only to have Hebner take it away so Ray can hit the Samoan low.
with Ray clotheslining Joe down but missing an elbow drop to give Joe
a breather. Joe comes back with a kick to the face and a middle rope
kick to the chest for two. The referee gets crushed in the corner as
Joe hooks up the Clutch. Ray taps but there’s no referee, so
naturally he lets go of the hold. Ray gets the chain around his hand
and hits a middle rope ax handle, only to get caught for the DQ at
D+. This didn’t have time to go
anywhere and I have no idea what it was supposed to accomplish. Ray
taps out and then loses on a DQ, so what in the world does this do
for Bound For Glory? Nothing match here which is the last thing they
needed to do for the world title match.
match Ray shoves the referee and sends Joe into the announce table.
He pulls back the mats for a piledriver on the floor but AJ makes the
save and celebrates with the fans.
Dixie to tell us we don’t know anything about business. Hulk Hogan
however does know a little bit about it so please come out here and
let’s take care of this. Hogan looks annoyed as Dixie says she can
take him to the next level. He thanks her for the watch and talks
about always wanting to be part of a power couple in this business.
While it’s an amazing offer, he’s quitting. Hogan throws down the
mic and walks away, leaving Dixie on her knees begging, because you
can’t have Hogan on a wrestling show without worshiping him right?
C-. This show did a
good job of filling out the Bound For Glory card, but as usual
there’s WAY too much of a focus on Hogan. Ray vs. Styles got its
first bit of development and it lasted about five minutes before we
got back to Dixie vs. Hogan for the REAL story. Hogan left but I’ll
believe it’s for real when he’s not at Bound For Glory or the Impact
taping after. Just like lat year the world title isn’t the focus of
the show at all but in this case there isn’t another match to focus
on which is making these final shows really dull to sit through. The
lack of Aces and 8’s helped a bit though.
Hardy b. Chris Sabin/Kenny King – Swanton Bomb to King
b. Magnus – Ankle lock
Joe b. Bully Ray via DQ when Ray hit Joe with a chain
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WWF Championship Wrestling: March 23rd, 1985

March 23rd, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, David Sammartino, Tito Santana, Brutus Beefcake and the Junkyard Dog. Also, we will see footage from the live “Piper’s Pit” at Madison Square Garden with Mr. T.

Mr. X vs. Junkyard Dog
I have no idea who is playing Mr. X here. JYD lands a few headbutts before Mr. X ducks outside for a breather. Back inside, JYD hits a clothesline then puts him in a bearhug. Mr. X breaks the hold with an eye rake but JYD comes back with an atomic drop then hits the powerslam for the win (2:41). After the match, JYD scouts the crowd for someone to dance with and invites two kids who start to break dance. This has Vince cackling like an idiot the entire time.
Thoughts: At this point, they were putting over JYD as a threat to Valentine’s Intercontinental Title, which makes sense since he was getting the biggest face reactions besides Hogan and Snuka at the time.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. He mentions how Andre will retire if he cannot slam John Studd. We see a clip of Andre on TNT being asked by Vince about having a yellow streak for not putting up anything against Studd in their match and Andre responds by yanking Vince up by his tie.
Another video package hyping WrestleMania airs.
Brutus Beefcake w/Luscious Johnny Valiant vs. Joe Mirto
Beefcake attacks Mirto from behind as he was distracted by Valiant. Mirto reverses an Irish whip and hits a slam but runs into a knee in the corner. Beefcake beats on Mirto until he hits him with a running knee smash for the win (2:31).
Thoughts: No one cares about Beefcake after several months but that doesn’t stop Vince from trying to get him over. Bruno, who was useless on commentary, really does refrain from ever talking about his son, David, who will be Beefcake’s opponent at WrestleMania.
Gene Okerlund is with Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart. They run down Tito Santana and promote their lumberjack match in Boston. Valentine promises to put Santana out of wrestling forever.
Leilani Kai w/Fabulous Moolah vs. Susan Starr
Starr was dressed as a cowgirl. She hits a dropkick but Kai quickly gains the advantage with a few snapmares. Starr uses a hair pull but gets slammed. Kai tosses Starr in the corner and chokes her out with the assist from Moolah, who continues her assault behind the referee’s back. Kai boots down Starr but she comes back with a monkey flip. Starr eats a knee of a charge then Kai scores the win with a feeble attempt at a splash (2:03).
Thoughts: The fans are not really responding to Kai at all. Besides Richter and Moolah, they do not care about the women.
Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. He asks Hogan about Mr. T being his bodyguard tonight against Don Muraco. He runs down Muraco and promises that he will protect Boston.
Bobby Wade vs. David Sammartino
Sammartino drops Wade on his head with a release German suplex. He hits a press slam and Wade lands on head yet again before Sammartino finishes him off with a powerslam (1:01).
Thoughts: Wade seems like one of those “weekend wrestlers” that Heenan talked about in his shoot interview. Bruno, who was useless on commentary, really does refrain from ever talking about his son, David. You can tell in his voice that he is uncomfortable talking about him in any aspect.
Rick Savage vs. Tito Santana
This match starts immediately after the Sammartino match. Savage lands a few punches before getting killed with a clothesline. Vince calls Tito a “fiery Mexican” as he has Savage on the ropes. Santana the hits the flying forearm then uses the figure four leglock to get the win via submission (1:59).
Thoughts: Tito was aggressive the entire time. Usually, his squash matches put you to sleep so this was an improvement.
We are shown the Piper’s Pit segment from Madison Square Garden. They cut out the Mr. T speech at the end. The WWF did a masterful job promoting that match.
Jim Powers & Tony Garea vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Vokoff w/Freddie Blassie
Sheik gets a hiptoss but Garea dodges an elbow drop then takes control with the only three moves he knows how to perform. Powers tags and manages to get a sunset flip before Sheik knocks him down. Volkoff tags and uses a lifting chokehold. He hits a backbreaker then tags the Sheik. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex then makes Powers submit to the Camel Clutch (3:12). After the match, the heels toss their opponents to the floor.
Thoughts: A match to make the challengers look strong. It was nice to see Garea get tossed outside after the match. There are very few wrestlers that have even less charisma than Garea.
Okerlund runs down the WrestleMania card. He is joined by Heenan, who is overly confident in regards to Andre claiming he will retire if he cannot slam Studd. Patera and Studd come out and run down Andre. .
Next week, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo will be in action. Also, Ricky Steamboat, Don Muraco, King Kong Bundy and Greg Valentine will be in action. We will also see the final training montage between Mr. T and Hulk Hogan plus Piper’s Pit with Paul Orndorff and Bob Orton.
Final Thoughts: This show was built around the promotion of WrestleMania. It did a great job at that and it was a decent show in general. All of the feuds are going along well and the celebrity involvement adds that special feeling to the show. If I was ten years old at this time (I was only 3), I would have begged my parents to let me see the show on closed circuit. With just eight days away until the show, things are looking good.

Lego Wrestling

Hi Scott,

I was hoping you could plug a little project for me.  Lego offers fans the opportunity to submit ideas for sets.  If you can get 10,000 supporters, they’ll consider developing it for sale.  I built a wrestling ring and cage and was hoping to drum up some support.

You can view my project at: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/50254



They should totally do Lego WWE video games.

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