Jack Swagger as World Heavyweight Champion

Crapendium: World Champion Jack Swagger

I take a look back and see why exactly Jack Swagger’s 2010 run was crap.

If you don’t want to click, the short answer is ”it was supposed to be.”

KB’s History of WWE’s Big Four Pay Per Views Now Available in Paperback

You’re all familiar with the Big Four WWE pay per views. Well now you can be even more familiar with them by picking up my collections of reviews, which are now available in PAPERBACK. After years of only having these as e-books I’ve gone through all of them, polished them up, and turned them into actual, physical books. 

They are available worldwide (only in English) from any country’s Amazon page but the US and UK links are available below:

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ECW on Sci-Fi #42 03/27/2007

It’s the ECW on Sci-Fi before Wrestlemania! On Raw, Vince McMahon pinned the ECW Champion Lashley after interference from half the locker room so the two of them are having an EXTREEEME debate tonight.

Notice the happy, smiling Lashley in the ECW graphic, WWE’s way of telling us we need to cheer him. Worked for Diesel, Luger…

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The WrestleMania Top Ten

We are 52 days away from WrestleMania 32. As we count down the days to the biggest show of the year, we will look back at how WrestleMania has changed since it debuted in 1985.

Instead of doing recaps of all the shows (a lot of other people here would do that a lot better than I would), I’m looking to create a Top 10 WrestleMania matches and see how that list changes over the years. We’ll also discuss some other highlights and lowlights of each show.

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New E-Book: KB’s History of Wrestlemania

You might have heard about this show before. The show has evolved from a bigger than average house show in Madison Square Garden to a show that takes over a different major city each year as part of a week long event. It has been called the Granddaddy of Them All and the Showcase of the Immortals and lives up to its reputation as the biggest and most important event of the year. In this book I’ll be looking at every edition of the series and breaking down each show segment by segment and match by match. I’ll be including detailed analysis, history and ratings for each match and show overall.

In this book, I’ll be looking at every Wrestlemania to date, starting back with the glorified house show in 1985 and winding up in Santa Clara, California in 2015. Wrestlemania is a show with more prestige and grandeur than any other in wrestling history and now it’s all collected here. These are ALL NEW REVIEWS and the last time I’ll be doing them for a very long time. As usual I’ll be providing play by play, context and analysis of every show.

The books is my longest ever at over 500 pages on a Kindle and only costs $3.99, or the equivalent in other currencies. If you don’t have a Kindle or e-book reader, there are several FREE apps you can use to read it on pretty much any electronic device. You can find those from Amazon here.

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Also you can still get any of my previous books on the WWE Championship, Monday Night Raw from 1997, 1998 and 2001, Monday Nitro from 1995-June 1998, In Your House, Summerslam, Starrcade, ECW Pay Per Views, Royal Rumble, Saturday Night’s Main Event, the WWF and WCW pay per views from 1998 and Clash of the Champions at my author’s page here.

I hope you like it and shoot me any questions you might have.

Thomas Hall

Rock Star Gary reflects on…WWF WrestleMania

Live from New York, NY

Airdate: March 31, 1985

Attendance:  19,121

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Here we are–the very first WrestleMania that has spawned over three decades of supershows for the WWF/WWE. Let’s dig in to how the World Wrestling Federation got to this point:

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No wrecking of Wrestlemania III?

How’s it shaking, Scott?

I was wondering if you could shed some light on something that has always bugged me about Hogan v. Andre at Wrestlemania 3.

From what I remember, the match was hyped on three "facts":

  • Hulk and Andre never fought before.
  • Andre was undefeated for 20+ years
  • Andre had never been slammed

All three are, of course, horse pucky.

So, why had no promoter or wrestler tried to mess with the WWF by unraveling at least one of these lies. Was it respect to Andre? Fear that Vince would blackball/destroy them? I’ve always wondered why there was never even an article in one of the mags with pics of the Showdown at Shea of their first big meeting and a breakdown of how Hulk can survive this time.

​There was absolutely coverage in the Apter mags at the time. They did a big thing about the Shea Stadium match and how Vince McMahon was full of crap and basically lying to people about the buildup. It’s just that the WWF machine was able to yell louder. But given that everyone, even casual fans for the most part, knew that it was built on nonsense and still bought the show anyway, it must have been effective. ​

Wrestlemania 14 alternate universe

Don't know why this popped into my head today, and I'm sure it's been addressed by Its bugging me:
Let's pretend Bret doesn't decide to leave WWE in 97.  All logic throughout from late 96 through 97 seemed to build towards an Austin/Bret rematch at WM 14 where Austin gets his big clean win over Bret to finally become WWE Champion.  Was that the long term plan?  If so, with the Kane angle going, what was Michaels' role supposed to be there?   A feud with HHH over DX?  Owen?

​Yes, Bret putting over Austin was absolutely the long term plan until Montreal fucked it up.  Owen was TOLD that plans were for him to work with Shawn Michaels at that show after Montreal went down, but that's clearly a lie, so I have no idea what the real ​plan for Shawn was going to be.  Shawn's probably done a shoot interview somewhere where he clarifies.  

WrestleMania 23

So at WrestleMania 23, they say that the plan was to do a Tony Cena vs. Triple H rematch, but then HHH's quad injury necessitated them going to Plan B, which was Shawn Michaels. Do you or anyone remember what they were going to do with Shawn before putting him in the main event slot?

The logical thing seemed to be a three-way match with Cena v. D-X because they were teasing various things in that direction, but I never heard of a specific direction for Shawn otherwise.  I would imagine he would have ended up as HHH's cheerleader at ringside, were I to guess.  

Some belated Wrestlemania questions

Hi Scott, been meaning to ask these since mania and never got around to it:
Brock's bleeding – blade job or genuine? I assume a blade job as it was so perfectly timed, fit the story and looked great… But having watched it back a couple of times I can't see any opportunity to blade. Unless the ring post was gimmicked in some way but that seems ludicrously dangerous. Orton. I gather an element of the build to his match was that he used to be the Rollins of a decade ago. He seemed to play this up with a throw back outfit (elbow pads) and busting out his old crossbody finisher. Am I reading too much into this? And a really belated Wrestlemania 9 question. Why introduce JR, a new face, at the biggest show of the year when people won't know him yet? Was WCW a big enough deal that he was familiar to all? Or were the prior announce team just that bad? Ta Gareth WWE's official position is that the blood was hard way.  With no firm evidence to the contrary, that's what we've gotta go with.

And yes you're reading too much into Orton.
And yes JR was a big star.

Wrestlemania III Attendance, also Randy Orton

Hi Scott,

I e-mailed you a few weeks ago with an article claiming that the 93,000 for Wrestlemania 3 was actually a legitimate number and was just wondering what your take on it was. It was during the week before Wrestlemania, so I understand if you were too busy to answer (or if you didn't want to dignify an uproxx article with a response, which is also understandable).

I have a question regarding Randy Orton that's been bugging me for awhile, though. In every shoot interview that Bayless has posted where the wrestlers are asked about him, everyone has praised Orton to high heaven, either as a joy to see him wrestle or by those who have faced him as the perfect person to wrestle against. I know he's not shitting in *everybody's* bag, but why the universal praise? Is it because he's never hurt anyone in the ring?



​Zane Breslov, the actual promoter of the show, has gone on record saying that there were only 78,000 people in the building.  I have no idea why this 93,000 thing persists even though we know they've literally lied about the Wrestlemania attendance every year for the past two decades.  Is it because ​people think that one year was when they were telling the truth?  
As for Orton, wrestlers have different standards as far as what they like than fans do, obviously.